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  • Samsung DC93-00634A Dryer Idler Pulley Replacement
  • DC93-00634A Front
  • DC93-00634A Back
  • DC93-00634A Side

Samsung DC93-00634A Dryer Idler Pulley Replacement

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Product Description

Replacement idler pulley used in some Samsung dryer models.

Directly Replaces: DC93-00634A, AP6038887, DC96-00882C, DC96-00882B, PS11771601, B06XKB5FS.


  • Approx. 6"L x 4"W.
  • Includes pulley, axle, bracket, and screw.
APNDC93-00634A Compatible Models:
Where can I find my model number?
Samsung DV306LEW/XAA
Samsung DV203AEW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV203AGS/XAA-0000
Samsung DV203AGW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV206AES/XAA-0000
Samsung DV206AGS/XAA-0000
Samsung DV209AEW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV209AEW/XAA-0001
Samsung DV209AGW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV210AEW/XAA
Samsung DV210AGW/XAA
Samsung DV218AEB/XAA-0000
Samsung DV218AEB/XAA-0001
Samsung DV218AEW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV218AEW/XAA-0001
Samsung DV218AGB/XAA-0000
Samsung DV218AGW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV219AEW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV219AEW/XAA-0001
Samsung DV219AGB/XAA-0000
Samsung DV219AGW/XAA-0001
Samsung DV220AEW/XAA
Samsung DV220AGW/XAA
Samsung DV231AEW/XAA-0001
Samsung DV231AGW/XAA-0001
Samsung DV2C6BEW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV2C6BGW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV316LEW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV316LGW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV317AEG/XAA-0000
Samsung DV317AES/XAA-0000
Samsung DV317AEW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV317AGG/XAA-0000
Samsung DV317AGS/XAA-0000
Samsung DV317AGW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV328AEG/XAA
Samsung DV328AER/XAA
Samsung DV328AEW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV328AEW/XAA-0001
Samsung DV328AGG/XAA-0000
Samsung DV328AGR/XAA-0000
Samsung DV328AGW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV330AEB/XAA-0000
Samsung DV330AEB/XAA-0002
Samsung DV330AEB/XAA-0003
Samsung DV330AEW/XAA
Samsung DV330AGB/XAA
Samsung DV330AGW/XAA
Samsung DV331AER/XAA-0000
Samsung DV331AEW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV331AGR/XAA-0000
Samsung DV331AGW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV337AEG/XAA-0000
Samsung DV337AEL/XAA-0000
Samsung DV337AER/XAA-0000
Samsung DV337AEW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV337AGG/XAA-0000
Samsung DV337AGL/XAA-0000
Samsung DV337AGR/XAA-0000
Samsung DV337AGW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV338AEB/XAA-0000
Samsung DV338AEW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV338AGB/XAA-0000
Samsung DV338AGW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV350AEP/XAA-0000
Samsung DV350AER/XAA-0000
Samsung DV350AEW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV350AGP/XAA-0000
Samsung DV350AGR/XAA-0000
Samsung DV350AGW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV361EWBEWR/A3-0001
Samsung DV361GWBEWR/A3-0001
Samsung DV363EWBEUF/A1-0000
Samsung DV365ETBGWR/A3-0001
Samsung DV365GTBGWR/A3-0001
Samsung DV393ETPARA/A1-0001
Samsung DV393ETPAWR/A1-0000
Samsung DV393ETPAWR/A1-0001
Samsung DV393GTPARA/A1-0001
Samsung DV393GTPAWR/A1-0001
Samsung DV393GTPAWR/A1-0002
Samsung DV395ETPAWR/A1-0000
Samsung DV400EWHDWR/AA-0000
Samsung DV400EWHDWR/AA-0001
Samsung DV400GWHDWR/AA-0000
Samsung DV400GWHDWR/AA-0001
Samsung DV405ETPASU/AA-0000
Samsung DV405ETPASU/AA-0001
Samsung DV405ETPAWR/AA-0000
Samsung DV405ETPAWR/AA-0001
Samsung DV405GTPASU/AA-0000
Samsung DV405GTPASU/AA-0001
Samsung DV405GTPASU/AA-0002
Samsung DV405GTPAWR/AA-0000
Samsung DV405GTPAWR/AA-0001
Samsung DV405GTPAWR/AA-0002
Samsung DV407AEW/XAA-0001
Samsung DV407AGW/XAA-0002
Samsung DV407AGW/XAA-0003
Samsung DV409AER/XAA-0000
Samsung DV409AER/XAA-0001
Samsung DV409AER/XAA-0002
Samsung DV409AEW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV409AGR/XAA-0000
Samsung DV409AGW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV410AER/XAA
Samsung DV410AEW/XAA
Samsung DV410AGR/XAA
Samsung DV410AGW/XAA
Samsung DV419AEU/XAA-0000
Samsung DV419AEU/XAA-0001
Samsung DV419AEW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV419AGU/XAA-0000
Samsung DV419AGU/XAA-0001
Samsung DV419AGW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV419AGW/XAA-0001
Samsung DV422EWHDWR/AA-0001
Samsung DV42H5000EW/A3-0000
Samsung DV42H5000GW/A3-0000
Samsung DV42H5200EF/A3-0000
Samsung DV42H5200EP/A3-0000
Samsung DV42H5200EW/A3-0000
Samsung DV42H5200GF/A3-0000
Samsung DV42H5200GP/A3-0000
Samsung DV42H5200GW/A3-0000
Samsung DV42H5400EF/A3-0000
Samsung DV42H5400EW/A3-0000
Samsung DV42H5400GF/A3-0000
Samsung DV42H5400GW/A3-0000
Samsung DV431AEP/XAA-0001
Samsung DV431AEP/XAA-0002
Samsung DV431AEW/XAA-001
Samsung DV431AEW/XAA-002
Samsung DV431AGP/XAA-0001
Samsung DV431AGP/XAA-0002
Samsung DV431AGW/XAA-0001
Samsung DV431AGW/XAA-0002
Samsung DV435ETGJRA/A1-0001
Samsung DV435ETGJWR/A1-0001
Samsung DV435GTGJRA/A1-0001
Samsung DV435GTGJWR/A1-0001
Samsung DV448AEE/XAA-0000
Samsung DV448AEE/XAA-0001
Samsung DV448AEE/XAA-0002
Samsung DV448AEP/XAA-0000
Samsung DV448AEP/XAA-0001
Samsung DV448AEP/XAA-0002
Samsung DV448AEW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV448AEW/XAA-0001
Samsung DV448AEW/XAA-0002
Samsung DV448AGE/XAA-0000
Samsung DV448AGE/XAA-0001
Samsung DV448AGE/XAA-0002
Samsung DV448AGP/XAA-0000
Samsung DV448AGP/XAA-0001
Samsung DV448AGP/XAA-0002
Samsung DV448AGW/XAA-0000
Samsung DV448AGW/XAA-0001
Samsung DV448AGW/XAA-0002
Samsung DV455EVGSGR/AA-0002
Samsung DV455EVGSWR/AA-0001
Samsung DV455EVGSWR/AA-0002
Samsung DV455EVGSWR/AA-000F
Samsung DV455GVGSGR/AA-0001
Samsung DV455GVGSWR/AA-0000
Samsung DV455GVGSWR/AA-0001
Samsung DV455GVGSWR/AA-0002
Samsung DV456EWHDSU/AA-0000
Samsung DV456EWHDSU/AA-0001
Samsung DV456GWHDSU/AA-0000
Samsung DV456GWHDSU/AA-0001
Samsung DV456GWHDWR/AA-0001
Samsung DV457EVGSGR/AA-0000
Samsung DV457EVGSGR/AA-0001
Samsung DV457EVGSGR/AA-0002
Samsung DV457EVGSGR/AA-000F
Samsung DV457EVGSWR/AA-0000
Samsung DV457EVGSWR/AA-0001
Samsung DV457EVGSWR/AA-0002
Samsung DV457GVGSGR/AA-0000
Samsung DV457GVGSGR/AA-0001
Samsung DV457GVGSGR/AA-0002
Samsung DV457GVGSWR/AA-0000
Samsung DV457GVGSWR/AA-0001
Samsung DV457GVGSWR/AA-0002
Samsung DV45H6300EG/A3-0000
Samsung DV45H6300EW/A3-0000
Samsung DV45H6300GG/A3-0000
Samsung DV45H6300GW/A3-0000
Samsung DV45H7000EW/A2-0000
Samsung DV45H7000GW/A2-0000
Samsung DV45H7200EW/A2-0000
Samsung DV45H7200GW/A2-0000
Samsung DV476ETHASU/A1-0000
Samsung DV484ETHASU/A1-0001
Samsung DV484ETHAWR/A1-0001
Samsung DV484GTHASU/A1-0001
Samsung DV484GTHAWR/A1-0001
Samsung DV48H7400EW/A2-0000
Samsung DV48H7400GW/A2-0000
Samsung DV50F9A6EVW/A2-0000
Samsung DV50F9A6EVW/A2-0001
Samsung DV50F9A6GVW/A2-0001
Samsung DV50F9A7EVP/A2-0000
Samsung DV50F9A7EVW/A2-0000
Samsung DV50F9A7GVP/A2-0000
Samsung DV50F9A7GVW/A2-0000
Samsung DV50F9A8EVP/A2-0001
Samsung DV50F9A8EVW/A2-0000
Samsung DV50F9A8EVW/A2-0001
Samsung DV50F9A8GVP/A2-0001
Samsung DV50F9A8GVW/A2-0001
Samsung DV511AER/XAA-0000
Samsung DV511AER/XAA-0001
Samsung DV511AER/XAA-0002

Warranty Information

90 Day Limited Warranty

Product Reviews

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  1. Part is just what I needed

    Posted by Steve T on 24th Sep 2018

    The part was what broke on my dryer and was easy to replace.

  2. Life made easier

    Posted by Alex on 16th Jul 2018

    Exactly what I needed. Even with express shipping it came in 20 bucks cheaper than anywhere else. Time and money saver.

  3. Great deal and quick service

    Posted by Billy Piper on 15th Jun 2018

    Our product was easy to find by model. The parts were accurate, great price and quick delivery.

  4. Good OEM replacement pulley

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Jun 2018

    Part arrived on time and was easy to install, unlike the same part I ordered from a local warehouse over a week prior. I have had a good experience ordering from Speedy Appliance, and will likely order from them again in the future.

  5. Works perfectly

    Posted by Don Tucker on 5th Jun 2018

    Came fast, good price, works perfectly

  6. Dryer stopped spinning

    Posted by jessyb08 on 30th Mar 2018

    Our dryer stopped spinning and we looked on YouTube to find the problem. Realized we needed this part and the actual price was 52 bucks. Found this part waaaay cheaper. I would definitely be buying from you guys again if needed.

  7. Not identical to OEM, but seems fully functional

    Posted by Kurt on 19th Jan 2018

    Quick delivery - good packaging! Arrived earlier than promised.

    The hole where the arm bolts to the dryer frame is a little thinner than on OEM; that's why it ships with a different bolt. Seems like it'll work just fine, though. As long as the pulley doesn't seize up and melt down like the OEM original, I'll be happy!

  8. Quick Delivery & Easy Install!

    Posted by Spencer on 19th Dec 2017

    I am very impressed with Speedy Appliance Parts! I was in a pinch and needed this part quick and they delivered shipped the product out quickly! The install was simple and the dryer is working fine again. Now, we just wait to see how long the part holds up. I am really hoping it does better than the factory part. Thanks for the excellent service Speedy Appliance Parts!

  9. It was quick.

    Posted by MARCELA M Dyer on 27th Nov 2017

    I really enjoyed ordering from this company prices are good and got it in my mailbox in less time that they said. ..☆☆☆☆☆

  10. Great Service

    Posted by Haley on 14th Nov 2017

    The exact part we needed in super speedy time!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 11 | Next

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