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  • Frigidaire 5303281153 Dryer Rear Bearing Kit Replacement
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Frigidaire 5303281153 Dryer Rear Bearing Kit Replacement

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Product Description

Replacement Rear Bearing Kit used on some Frigidaire, Electrolux, Gibson, Westinghouse, Tappan, Sears, Kenmore brand dryer models.

Directly Replaces: 5303281153, 3281153, Q142850, WQ142850, Q000142850, DE724, 85-852.


  • Includes ball shaft, bearing, ball bearing, ball bearing retainer, high-temperature lubricant, screws and instructions.
  • Bearing is approx. 5" in diameter.

APN5303281153 Compatible Models:
Where can I find my model number?
Crosley BEQ1442CES0
Crosley BEQ1442CES1
Crosley CDE2000FW0
Crosley CDE4000FW0
Crosley CDE4000FW1
Crosley CDE4000HW0
Crosley CDE5000FW0
Crosley CDEC100FW0
Crosley CDEC400FW0
Crosley CDEC400FW1
Crosley CDEC500FW0
Crosley CDG2000FW0
Crosley CDG2000FW1
Crosley CDG4000FW0
Crosley CDG4000FW1
Crosley CDG4000HW1
Crosley CDG5000FW0
Crosley CDG5000FW1
Frigidaire 41749012890
Frigidaire 41749022890
Frigidaire 7001-80A
Frigidaire 7007-80C
Frigidaire 7007-80D
Frigidaire 7007-80E
Frigidaire 7007-87C
Frigidaire 7007-87D
Frigidaire 7007-87E
Frigidaire 7007B
Frigidaire 7208B
Frigidaire 7289-80
Frigidaire 7289-80A
Frigidaire 7289-80B
Frigidaire 7289-80C
Frigidaire 7289-87
Frigidaire 7289-87B
Frigidaire 7289-87C
Frigidaire 7308-80C
Frigidaire 7308-80D
Frigidaire 7308-80E
Frigidaire 7308-87C
Frigidaire 7308-87D
Frigidaire 7308-87E
Frigidaire 7308A
Frigidaire 7308B
Frigidaire 7338A
Frigidaire 7338B
Frigidaire 7348-80C
Frigidaire 7348-87C
Frigidaire 7348A
Frigidaire 7348B
Frigidaire 7389-80A
Frigidaire 7389-87A
Frigidaire 7589-80C
Frigidaire 7589-80D
Frigidaire 7589-87A
Frigidaire 7589-87B
Frigidaire 7589-87C
Frigidaire 7589-87D
Frigidaire 7599-80
Frigidaire 7599-87
Frigidaire 8007-80C
Frigidaire 8007-80D
Frigidaire 8007-80E
Frigidaire 8007-87C
Frigidaire 8007-87D
Frigidaire 8007-87E
Frigidaire 8007B
Frigidaire 8208B
Frigidaire 8248-87D
Frigidaire 8289-80
Frigidaire 8289-80A
Frigidaire 8289-80B
Frigidaire 8289-80C
Frigidaire 8289-87
Frigidaire 8289-87A
Frigidaire 8289-87B
Frigidaire 8289-87C
Frigidaire 8308-80B
Frigidaire 8308-80C
Frigidaire 8308-80D
Frigidaire 8308-80E
Frigidaire 8308-87C
Frigidaire 8308-87D
Frigidaire 8308-87E
Frigidaire 8308A
Frigidaire 8338A
Frigidaire 8338B
Frigidaire 8348-80C
Frigidaire 8348-80D
Frigidaire 8348-87C
Frigidaire 8348A
Frigidaire 8348B
Frigidaire 8389-80A
Frigidaire 8389-87A
Frigidaire 8589-80A
Frigidaire 8589-80B
Frigidaire 8589-80C
Frigidaire 8589-80D
Frigidaire 8589-87A
Frigidaire 8589-87B
Frigidaire 8589-87C
Frigidaire 8589-87D
Frigidaire 8599-80
Frigidaire 8599-87
Frigidaire AEQ6000CES0
Frigidaire AEQ6000CES1
Frigidaire AEQ6000CES2
Frigidaire AEQ6000ES0
Frigidaire AEQ6000ES1
Frigidaire AEQ6000ES2
Frigidaire AEQ6400HE0
Frigidaire AEQ6400HS0
Frigidaire AEQ6500CFG0
Frigidaire AEQ6500CFS0
Frigidaire AEQ6700CFE0
Frigidaire AEQ6700CFS0
Frigidaire AEQ6700FE0
Frigidaire AEQ6700FS0
Frigidaire AEQ7000CEG0
Frigidaire AEQ7000CES0
Frigidaire AEQ7000CES1
Frigidaire AEQ7000CFE0
Frigidaire AEQ7000EE0
Frigidaire AEQ7000EG0
Frigidaire AEQ7000EP0
Frigidaire AEQ7000ES0
Frigidaire AEQ7000ES1
Frigidaire AEQ8000CFE0
Frigidaire AEQ8000CFG0
Frigidaire AEQ8000CFS0
Frigidaire AEQ8000FE0
Frigidaire AEQ8000FG0
Frigidaire AEQ8000FS0
Frigidaire AEQ8700FE0
Frigidaire AEQ8700FG0
Frigidaire AEQ8700FS0
Frigidaire AEQB6000ES0
Frigidaire AEQB6000ES1
Frigidaire AEQB6000ES2
Frigidaire AEQB6400FS0
Frigidaire AEQB7000EG0
Frigidaire AEQB7000EP0
Frigidaire AEQB7000ES0
Frigidaire AEQB7000ES1
Frigidaire AGQ6000CES0
Frigidaire AGQ6000CES1
Frigidaire AGQ6000CES2
Frigidaire AGQ6000ES0
Frigidaire AGQ6000ES1
Frigidaire AGQ6000ES3
Frigidaire AGQ6000ES4
Frigidaire AGQ6400HE0
Frigidaire AGQ6400HE1
Frigidaire AGQ6400HS0
Frigidaire AGQ6400HS1
Frigidaire AGQ6500CFG0
Frigidaire AGQ6700FE0
Frigidaire AGQ6700FE2
Frigidaire AGQ6700FS0
Frigidaire AGQ6700FS1
Frigidaire AGQ6700FS2
Frigidaire AGQ7000CEG0
Frigidaire AGQ7000CES0
Frigidaire AGQ7000CES1
Frigidaire AGQ7000EE0
Frigidaire AGQ7000EG0
Frigidaire AGQ7000EP0
Frigidaire AGQ7000ES0
Frigidaire AGQ7000ES1
Frigidaire AGQ8000CFE0
Frigidaire AGQ8000CFG0
Frigidaire AGQ8000CFS0
Frigidaire AGQ8000FE0
Frigidaire AGQ8000FE1
Frigidaire AGQ8000FE2
Frigidaire AGQ8000FG0
Frigidaire AGQ8000FG1
Frigidaire AGQ8000FG2
Frigidaire AGQ8000FS0
Frigidaire AGQ8000FS1
Frigidaire AGQ8000FS2
Frigidaire AGQ8700FE0
Frigidaire AGQ8700FE1
Frigidaire AGQ8700FG0
Frigidaire AGQ8700FG1
Frigidaire AGQ8700FS0
Frigidaire AGQ8700FS1
Frigidaire AGQB6000ES0
Frigidaire AGQB6000ES1
Frigidaire AGQB6000ES2
Frigidaire AGQB6400FS0
Frigidaire AGQB6400FS1
Frigidaire AGQB7000EG0
Frigidaire AGQB7000EP0
Frigidaire AGQB7000ES0
Frigidaire AGQB7000ES1
Frigidaire BCEQ2152ES0
Frigidaire BCEQ2152ES1
Frigidaire BCEQ6100FS0
Frigidaire BCEQ6700FS0
Frigidaire BEF332CES0
Frigidaire CER3600AS0
Frigidaire CER3600AS1
Frigidaire CFRE5711KW0
Frigidaire CFRE5714KW0
Frigidaire CGR3600AS0
Frigidaire CGR3600AS1
Frigidaire CGR3600AS2
Frigidaire CGR3600AS3
Frigidaire CREF342AS0
Frigidaire CREF342AS1
Frigidaire CREF342AS2
Frigidaire CRER442AS0
Frigidaire CRER442AS1
Frigidaire CRER442AS2
Frigidaire CRER5700AS0
Frigidaire CRER5700AS1
Frigidaire CRER7900AS0
Frigidaire CRER7900AS1
Frigidaire CRGF342AS0
Frigidaire CRGF342AS1
Frigidaire CRGF342AS2
Frigidaire CRGF342AS3
Frigidaire CRGF342AS4
Frigidaire CRGR442AS0
Frigidaire CRGR442AS1
Frigidaire CRGR442AS2
Frigidaire CRGR5700AS0
Frigidaire CRGR5700AS1
Frigidaire CRGR5700AS2
Frigidaire CRGR5700AS3
Frigidaire CRGR7900AS0
Frigidaire CRGR7900AS1
Frigidaire CRGR7900AS2
Frigidaire CRGR7900AS3
Frigidaire DE3900ADD1

Warranty Information

90 Day Limited Warranty

Product Reviews

  1. Great Service

    Posted by Megan McKee on 4th Mar 2019

    Great Service, easy online ordering, fast shipping. I'll buy all my parts from here.

  2. Just what I orderd

    Posted by Boka on 1st May 2018

    The service was great. Fast delivery and the product is exactly as described. Great service.

  3. Stripped screws

    Posted by Adam Carter on 25th Apr 2018

    The screws to fasten the plastic bearing to the back of the cabinet stripped out, so I had to use the old ones.

  4. Easy install

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Apr 2018

    I was ordering an element and saw this “suggested” part and recalled seeing a sticky looking mess during disassembly - seemed like a good idea and the price was right. Turned out to be a good idea. New parts fit perfectly and the drum turns smooth and quiet.

  5. Just what I needed.

    Posted by Jim CC,TX on 5th Apr 2018

    Great price, good quality, speedy delivery. Works great.

  6. OEM quality

    Posted by RRBell on 4th Jan 2018

    This source was not only one the best prices around, but I also was able to pay extra to get it here faster than Amazon would have. Quality was as good as OEM and so there's nothing more I could really ask for.

  7. Squeeky dryer

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jan 2018

    We replaced the rear drum bearing and the idler pulley and drum belt and now the dryer works perfectly no more squeeky noises.

  8. Worked like a charm

    Posted by Unknown on 4th May 2015

    Parts arrived fast and were as described!! Best of all it saved me a bunch of money and fixed the high pitched squealing sound!!!

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