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  • Frigidaire 316220009 Range Burner Knob Replacement
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Frigidaire 316220009 Range Burner Knob Replacement

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Product Description

Replacement Knob used on some Frigidaire, Crosley and Tappan Stove / Oven / Range models.

Directly Replaces: 316220009, AP4322122, 1379610, AH1991531, EA1991531, PS1991531.


  • Approx. 2" Diameter.
  • Black Burner Knob.

APN316220009 Compatible Models:
Where can I find my model number?
Frigidaire CRG3140GBBB
Frigidaire CRG3140GBBC
Frigidaire CRG3140GBBD
Frigidaire FGF337GBB
Frigidaire FGF337GBC
Frigidaire FGF337GCB
Frigidaire FGF337GCC
Frigidaire FGF337GCD
Frigidaire CRG3160GBBB
Frigidaire CRG3160GBBC
Frigidaire CRG3160GBBD
Frigidaire FGFBZ90GCE
Frigidaire FGFBZ90GCF
Frigidaire FGFBZ90GCG
Frigidaire FGFBZ90GCH
Frigidaire FGFLZ87GCE
Frigidaire FGFLZ87GCF
Frigidaire FGFLZ87GCG
Frigidaire FGFLZ87GCH
Frigidaire CRG3140GBBE
Frigidaire CRG3140GBBF
Frigidaire CRG3140GBBG
Frigidaire CRG3150LBA
Frigidaire CRG3150LBB
Frigidaire CRG3150LBC
Frigidaire CRG3150LBD
Frigidaire CRG3150LBE
Frigidaire CRG3160GBBE
Frigidaire CRG3160GBBF
Frigidaire CRG3490GSSD
Frigidaire CRG3490LSA
Frigidaire CRG3490LSC
Frigidaire CRG3490LSD
Frigidaire CRG3490LSE
Frigidaire CFGF368GBC
Frigidaire CFGF368GBD
Frigidaire CFGF368GCD
Frigidaire CFGF368GCE
Frigidaire CFGF368GMB
Frigidaire CFGF368GMC
Frigidaire CRG3480ISSA
Frigidaire CRG3480ISSB
Frigidaire FGF355GWE
Frigidaire FGF368GBE
Frigidaire FGF368GBF
Frigidaire FGF368GCE
Frigidaire FGF368GCF
Frigidaire FGF368GMD
Frigidaire FGF368GME
Frigidaire CGLGFZ86GCC
Frigidaire CFGF366FBE
Frigidaire CFGF366FCE
Frigidaire CFGF368GBA
Frigidaire CFGF368GBB
Frigidaire CFGF368GCA
Frigidaire CFGF368GCC
Frigidaire CFGF368GMA
Frigidaire CGLGF389GBB
Frigidaire CPLGFZ97GCB
Frigidaire CPLGFZ97GCC
Frigidaire CPLGFZ97GCD
Frigidaire FGFLMC55GCE
Frigidaire FGFLMC55GCF
Frigidaire FGFLMC55GCG
Frigidaire FGFLMC55GCH
Frigidaire FGFLMC55GCJ
Frigidaire FGFLMC55GCK
Frigidaire PLGFMZ98GCE
Frigidaire PLGFMZ98GCF
Frigidaire PLGFMZ98GCG
Frigidaire PLGFMZ98GCH
Frigidaire CFGF368GBE
Frigidaire CFGF368GBF
Frigidaire CFGF368GBG
Frigidaire CFGF368GCF
Frigidaire CFGF368GCG
Frigidaire CFGF368GCH
Frigidaire CFGF368GCJ
Frigidaire CFGF368GME
Frigidaire CFGF368GMG
Frigidaire CFGF368GMH
Frigidaire CFGFL79GBD
Frigidaire CFGFL87GCD
Frigidaire CFGFL87GCE
Frigidaire CGLGF389GBC
Frigidaire CGLGF389GBD
Frigidaire CGLGFZ86GCD
Frigidaire CGLGFZ86GCE
Frigidaire CRG3480ISSC
Frigidaire CRG3480ISSD
Frigidaire CRG3480ISSE
Frigidaire CRG3480ISSF
Frigidaire FGF368GBG
Frigidaire FGF368GBH
Frigidaire FGF368GBJ
Frigidaire CRG3140GWBD
Frigidaire FGF328GBE
Frigidaire FGF337GUD
Frigidaire FGF337GWD
Frigidaire FGFB79GBC
Frigidaire FGFB79GBD
Frigidaire FGFB79GBE
Frigidaire FGFB79GBF
Frigidaire CPLGFZ97GCE
Frigidaire CPLGFZ97GCF
Frigidaire FGF348KCA
Frigidaire FGF348KCB
Frigidaire FGF348KCC
Frigidaire FGF348KCD
Frigidaire FGF348KCE
Frigidaire FGF348KCF
Frigidaire FGF348KCG
Frigidaire FGF348KCH
Frigidaire FGF348KCJ
Frigidaire FGF348KCK
Frigidaire GLGFM98GPBD
Frigidaire CRG3480GSSC
Frigidaire FGF368GCB
Frigidaire FGF368GCJ
Frigidaire FGF382HCJ
Frigidaire FGFL79GCD
Frigidaire FGFL79GCE
Frigidaire FGFL79GCF
Frigidaire FGFL79GCG
Frigidaire FGFL79GCH
Frigidaire FGF328GBD
Frigidaire FGF328GBX
Frigidaire FGF328GMD
Frigidaire FGF328GME
Frigidaire CRG3480GSSE
Frigidaire CRG3480GWBC
Frigidaire CRG3480GWBD
Frigidaire FGF337GCE
Frigidaire FGF337GCF
Frigidaire FGF337GCG
Frigidaire TGF336FWC
Frigidaire TGF336FWD
Frigidaire GLGF389GBD
Frigidaire GLGF389GBE
Frigidaire GLGF389GBF
Frigidaire FGF328GMF
Frigidaire FGF328GMG
Frigidaire TGF336FWE
Frigidaire TGF336FWF
Frigidaire FGF355GWB
Frigidaire FGF355GWC
Frigidaire FGF355GWD
Frigidaire FGF348KCM
Frigidaire FGF348KCN
Frigidaire FGFB66ECJ
Frigidaire FGFB66ECK
Frigidaire FGFB66ECM
Frigidaire FGFB66ECS
Frigidaire FGFB79GCD
Frigidaire FGFB79GCE
Frigidaire FGFL67DCM
Frigidaire FGFL67DCN
Frigidaire FGFL67HCA
Frigidaire FGFL67HCB
Frigidaire FGFL67HCC
Frigidaire CRG3150LSA
Frigidaire CRG3150LSB
Frigidaire FGF337GCJ
Frigidaire FGF337GCK
Frigidaire GLGFZ386FCE
Frigidaire GLGFZ386FCF
Frigidaire GLGFZ386FCG
Frigidaire GLGFZ386FCH
Frigidaire FGFL79GBC
Frigidaire FGFL79GBD
Frigidaire GLGFS75DBK
Frigidaire FGF337GBG
Frigidaire CRG3480LSA
Frigidaire CRG3480LSF
Frigidaire CRG3480LSG
Frigidaire FGF326KBC
Frigidaire FGF328GBF
Frigidaire FGF328GBG
Frigidaire FGF328GBH
Frigidaire FGF328GMH
Frigidaire FGF328GMJ
Frigidaire CRG3140GWBB
Frigidaire CRG3140GWBC
Frigidaire CRG3140GWBE
Frigidaire FGFL79GBE
Frigidaire FGFL79GBF
Frigidaire CRG3140GWBF
Frigidaire CRG3140GWBG
Frigidaire FGF337GUC
Frigidaire FGF348KMA
Frigidaire FGF348KMB
Frigidaire FGFB79GCG
Frigidaire FGFB79GCH
Frigidaire GLGFS75DCK
Frigidaire FGF337GWC
Frigidaire FGFL67HBA
Frigidaire FGF368GMB
Frigidaire FGF368GMC
Frigidaire FGF368GMF
Frigidaire FGF368GMG
Frigidaire FGF368GMH
Frigidaire FGF368GMJ
Frigidaire FGF368GMK
Frigidaire FGF368GMM
Frigidaire FGF368GMN
Frigidaire FGF368GMP
Frigidaire FGF368GMR
Frigidaire CRG3480LSH
Frigidaire CRG3480MBA
Frigidaire FGF326KBA
Frigidaire GLGF376DBM
Frigidaire FGFL67HBF
Frigidaire FGFL67HBG
Frigidaire FGFL67HBH
Frigidaire FGFL67HBJ
Frigidaire FGFL67HCF
Frigidaire FGF337GCH
Frigidaire FGFB337GCB
Frigidaire FGFB337GCC
Frigidaire FGFB337GCD
Frigidaire FGFB337GCE
Frigidaire FGFB337GCF
Frigidaire FGF326KBB
Frigidaire FGF368GBC
Frigidaire FGF368GBD
Frigidaire FGF368GCC
Frigidaire FGF368GCD
Frigidaire FGFB66ECH
Frigidaire FGFB66ECN
Frigidaire FGFB66ECP
Frigidaire FGFB66ECR
Frigidaire FGFB79GCB
Frigidaire FGF364KCA
Frigidaire FGF364KCB
Frigidaire FGF364KCC
Frigidaire FGF364KCD
Frigidaire FGF364KCF
Frigidaire FGF364KCG
Frigidaire FGFS36FWD
Frigidaire FGFS36FWE
Frigidaire FGFS36FWF
Frigidaire FGF348KBA
Frigidaire FGF348KBB
Whirlpool CFGF366FBE
Whirlpool CFGF366FCE
Whirlpool CFGF368GBA
Whirlpool CFGF368GBB
Whirlpool CFGF368GBC
Whirlpool CFGF368GBD
Whirlpool CFGF368GBE
Whirlpool CFGF368GBF
Whirlpool CFGF368GBG
Whirlpool CFGF368GCA
Whirlpool CFGF368GCC
Whirlpool CFGF368GCD
Whirlpool CFGF368GCE
Whirlpool CFGF368GCF
Whirlpool CFGF368GCG
Whirlpool CFGF368GCH
Whirlpool CFGF368GCJ
Whirlpool CFGF368GMA
Whirlpool CFGF368GMB
Whirlpool CFGF368GMC
Whirlpool CFGF368GME
Whirlpool CFGF368GMG
Whirlpool CFGF368GMH
Whirlpool CFGFL79GBD
Whirlpool CFGFL87GCD
Whirlpool CFGFL87GCE
Whirlpool CGLGF389GBB
Whirlpool CGLGF389GBC
Whirlpool CGLGF389GBD
Whirlpool CGLGFZ86GCC
Whirlpool CGLGFZ86GCD
Whirlpool CGLGFZ86GCE
Whirlpool CPLGFZ97GCB
Whirlpool CPLGFZ97GCC
Whirlpool CPLGFZ97GCD
Whirlpool CPLGFZ97GCE
Whirlpool CPLGFZ97GCF
Whirlpool FGF326KBA
Whirlpool FGF326KBB
Whirlpool FGF326KBC
Whirlpool FGF328GBD
Whirlpool FGF328GBE
Whirlpool FGF328GBF
Whirlpool FGF328GBG
Whirlpool FGF328GBH
Whirlpool FGF328GBX
Whirlpool FGF328GMD
Whirlpool FGF328GME
Whirlpool FGF328GMF
Whirlpool FGF328GMG
Whirlpool FGF337GBB
Whirlpool FGF337GBC
Whirlpool FGF337GBD
Whirlpool FGF337GBE
Whirlpool FGF337GBF
Whirlpool FGF337GBG
Whirlpool FGF337GCB
Whirlpool FGF337GCC
Whirlpool FGF337GCD
Whirlpool FGF337GCE
Whirlpool FGF337GCF
Whirlpool FGF337GCG
Whirlpool FGF337GCH
Whirlpool FGF337GCJ
Whirlpool FGF337GCK
Whirlpool FGF337GSG
Whirlpool FGF337GUC
Whirlpool FGF337GUD
Whirlpool FGF337GUE
Whirlpool FGF337GUF
Whirlpool FGF337GWC
Whirlpool FGF337GWD
Whirlpool FGF337GWE
Whirlpool FGF337GWF
Whirlpool FGF348KBA
Whirlpool FGF348KBB
Whirlpool FGF348KCA
Whirlpool FGF348KCB
Whirlpool FGF348KCC
Whirlpool FGF348KCD
Whirlpool FGF348KCE
Whirlpool FGF348KCF
Whirlpool FGF348KCG
Whirlpool FGF348KCH
Whirlpool FGF348KCJ
Whirlpool FGF348KCK
Whirlpool FGF348KMA
Whirlpool FGF348KMB
Whirlpool FGF355GWB
Whirlpool FGF355GWC
Whirlpool FGF355GWD
Whirlpool FGF355GWE
Whirlpool FGF364KCA
Whirlpool FGF364KCB
Whirlpool FGF364KCC
Whirlpool FGF364KCD
Whirlpool FGF364KCF
Whirlpool FGF364KCG
Whirlpool FGF368GBC
Whirlpool FGF368GBD
Whirlpool FGF368GBE
Whirlpool FGF368GBF
Whirlpool FGF368GBG
Whirlpool FGF368GBH
Whirlpool FGF368GBJ
Whirlpool FGF368GBK
Whirlpool FGF368GCB
Whirlpool FGF368GCC
Whirlpool FGF368GCD
Whirlpool FGF368GCE
Whirlpool FGF368GCF
Whirlpool FGF368GCG
Whirlpool FGF368GCH
Whirlpool FGF368GCJ
Whirlpool FGF368GCK
Whirlpool FGF368GCM
Whirlpool FGF368GCN
Whirlpool FGF368GCP
Whirlpool FGF368GMB
Whirlpool FGF368GMC
Whirlpool FGF368GMD
Whirlpool FGF368GME
Whirlpool FGF368GMF
Whirlpool FGF368GMG
Whirlpool FGF368GMH
Whirlpool FGF368GMJ
Whirlpool FGF368GMK
Whirlpool FGF368GMN
Whirlpool FGF368GMP
Whirlpool FGF368GMR
Whirlpool FGF382HBB
Whirlpool FGF382HBD
Whirlpool FGF382HCC
Whirlpool FGF382HCE
Whirlpool FGF382HCF
Whirlpool FGF382HCG
Whirlpool FGF382HCH
Whirlpool FGF382HCJ
Whirlpool FGFB337GCB
Whirlpool FGFB337GCC
Whirlpool FGFB337GCD
Whirlpool FGFB337GCE
Whirlpool FGFB337GCF
Whirlpool FGFB337GCG
Whirlpool FGFB66ECH
Whirlpool FGFB66ECJ
Whirlpool FGFB66ECK
Whirlpool FGFB66ECM
Whirlpool FGFB66ECN
Whirlpool FGFB66ECP
Whirlpool FGFB66ECR
Whirlpool FGFB66ECS
Whirlpool FGFB79GBB
Whirlpool FGFB79GBC
Whirlpool FGFB79GBD
Whirlpool FGFB79GBE
Whirlpool FGFB79GBF
Whirlpool FGFB79GCB
Whirlpool FGFB79GCD
Whirlpool FGFB79GCE
Whirlpool FGFB79GCG
Whirlpool FGFB79GCH
Whirlpool FGFB79GSE
Whirlpool FGFBZ90GCE
Whirlpool FGFBZ90GCF
Whirlpool FGFBZ90GCG
Whirlpool FGFBZ90GCH
Whirlpool FGFL67DBK
Whirlpool FGFL67DBL
Whirlpool FGFL67DCL
Whirlpool FGFL67DCM
Whirlpool FGFL67DCN
Whirlpool FGFL67HBA
Whirlpool FGFL67HBB
Whirlpool FGFL67HBC
Whirlpool FGFL67HBD
Whirlpool FGFL67HBE
Whirlpool FGFL67HBF
Whirlpool FGFL67HBG
Whirlpool FGFL67HBH
Whirlpool FGFL67HBJ
Whirlpool FGFL67HCA
Whirlpool FGFL67HCB
Whirlpool FGFL67HCC
Whirlpool FGFL67HCD
Whirlpool FGFL67HCE
Whirlpool FGFL67HCF
Whirlpool FGFL79GBC
Whirlpool FGFL79GBD
Whirlpool FGFL79GBE
Whirlpool FGFL79GBF
Whirlpool FGFL79GCD
Whirlpool FGFL79GCE
Whirlpool FGFL79GCF
Whirlpool FGFL79GCG
Whirlpool FGFL79GCH
Whirlpool FGFLMC55GCE
Whirlpool FGFLMC55GCF
Whirlpool FGFLMC55GCG
Whirlpool FGFLMC55GCH
Whirlpool FGFLMC55GCJ
Whirlpool FGFLMC55GCK
Whirlpool FGFLZ87GCE
Whirlpool FGFLZ87GCF
Whirlpool FGFLZ87GCG
Whirlpool FGFLZ87GCH
Whirlpool FGFS36FUA
Whirlpool FGFS36FUC
Whirlpool FGFS36FUD
Whirlpool FGFS36FWC
Whirlpool FGFS36FWD
Whirlpool FGFS36FWE
Whirlpool FGFS36FWF
Whirlpool FGFS36FWG
Whirlpool FGFS36FWH
Whirlpool FGFS36FWJ
Whirlpool GLGF376DBJ
Whirlpool GLGF376DBK
Whirlpool GLGF376DBM
Whirlpool GLGF376DBN
Whirlpool GLGF376DBR
Whirlpool GLGF386DBH
Whirlpool GLGF386DBJ
Whirlpool GLGF386DBK
Whirlpool GLGF386DBM
Whirlpool GLGF389GBD
Whirlpool GLGF389GBE
Whirlpool GLGF389GBF
Whirlpool GLGF389GBG
Whirlpool GLGFM98GPBD
Whirlpool GLGFS75DBK
Whirlpool GLGFS75DCK
Whirlpool GLGFZ376FCE
Whirlpool GLGFZ376FCF
Whirlpool GLGFZ376FCG
Whirlpool GLGFZ376FCH
Whirlpool GLGFZ386FCE
Whirlpool GLGFZ386FCF
Whirlpool GLGFZ386FCG
Whirlpool GLGFZ386FCH
Whirlpool GLGFZ386FCJ
Whirlpool PLGFMZ98GCE
Whirlpool PLGFMZ98GCF
Whirlpool PLGFMZ98GCG
Whirlpool PLGFMZ98GCH
Whirlpool PLGFZ390ECJ
Whirlpool PLGFZ390ECK
Whirlpool PLGFZ397GCE
Whirlpool PLGFZ397GCF
Whirlpool PLGFZ397GCG
Whirlpool PLGFZ397GCH
Whirlpool CRG3150PBA
Whirlpool CRG3150PSA
Whirlpool CRG3180PBA
Whirlpool CRG3480PBA
Whirlpool CRG3480PSA
Whirlpool CRG3490LSA
Whirlpool FGF328GMH
Whirlpool FGF328GMJ
Whirlpool FGF348KCM
Whirlpool FGF348KCN
Whirlpool FGF368GMM

Warranty Information

90 Day Limited Warranty

Product Reviews

  1. Looks and works just like the original knob set

    Posted by Kurt D Odenwald on 16th Feb 2019

    Fully compatible with my stove - fit snugly and secure - good consistent color and crisp graphics - glad I bought them.

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