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  • Frigidaire 241509402 Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Motor Replacement
  • APN241509402 BOTTOM
  • APN241509402 SIDE
  • APN241509402 TOP

Frigidaire 241509402 Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Motor Replacement

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Product Description

Replacement freezer evaporator fan motor used on some Crosley, Electrolux, Frigidaire, and Kenmore refrigerator models.

Directly Replaces: 241509402, 1196443, 241509401, 7241509402, AP3958808, AH1526073, EA1526073, PS1526073, B00ECX06WS.


  • Freezer fan motor.
  • 12V DC, 220mA, nom. CW.
  • 4 wire harness.

APN241509402 Compatible Models:
Where can I find my model number?
Crosley CFD26SDS0
Crosley CFD26WIS0
Crosley CFD26WIS1
Crosley CFD26WIS3
Crosley CFD26WIS4
Crosley CFD26WIS5
Crosley CFD26WIS6
Crosley CFD27SDPS0
Crosley CFD27WIPB2
Crosley CFD27WIPB3
Crosley CFD27WIPS2
Crosley CFD27WIPS3
Crosley CFD27WIPW2
Crosley CFD27WIPW3
Crosley CFD28SDQS0
Crosley CFD28SDS1
Crosley CFD28SDS6
Crosley CFD28SDS9
Crosley CFD28WIB5
Crosley CFD28WIB6
Crosley CFD28WIB8
Crosley CFD28WIB9
Crosley CFD28WIBA
Crosley CFD28WIBB
Crosley CFD28WIBC
Crosley CFD28WIQB0
Crosley CFD28WIQB1
Crosley CFD28WIQB6
Crosley CFD28WIQB8
Crosley CFD28WIQB9
Crosley CFD28WIQBA
Crosley CFD28WIQS0
Crosley CFD28WIQS1
Crosley CFD28WIQS6
Crosley CFD28WIQS8
Crosley CFD28WIQS9
Crosley CFD28WIQSA
Crosley CFD28WIQW0
Crosley CFD28WIQW1
Crosley CFD28WIQW6
Crosley CFD28WIQW8
Crosley CFD28WIQW9
Crosley CFD28WIQWA
Crosley CFD28WIS0
Crosley CFD28WIS1
Crosley CFD28WIS2
Crosley CFD28WIS3
Crosley CFD28WIS5
Crosley CFD28WIS6
Crosley CFD28WIS8
Crosley CFD28WIS9
Crosley CFD28WISA
Crosley CFD28WISB
Crosley CFD28WISC
Crosley CFD28WIW5
Crosley CFD28WIW6
Crosley CFD28WIW8
Crosley CFD28WIW9
Crosley CFD28WIWA
Crosley CFD28WIWB
Crosley CFD28WIWC
Electrolux E23BC68JPS0
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Electrolux E23BC68JPS8
Electrolux E23BC68JPS9
Electrolux E23BC68JPSAA
Electrolux E23BC68JPSCA
Electrolux E23BC68JPSDA
Electrolux E23BC68JPSFA
Electrolux E23BC68JPSGA
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Electrolux E23BC68JSS1
Electrolux E23BC68JSS2
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Electrolux E23BC78IPS2
Electrolux E23BC78IPS3
Electrolux E23BC78IPS4
Electrolux E23BC78IPS5
Electrolux E23BC78IPS6
Electrolux E23BC78IPS7
Electrolux E23BC78IPS8
Electrolux E23BC78IPS9
Electrolux E23BC78IPSA
Electrolux E23BC78IPSB
Electrolux E23BC78IPSC
Electrolux E23BC78IPSD
Electrolux E23BC78IPSG
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Electrolux E23BC78IPSNA
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Electrolux E23BC78ISS4
Electrolux E23BC78ISS5
Electrolux E23BC78ISS6
Electrolux E23BC78ISS7
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Electrolux E23CS75DSS5
Electrolux E23CS75DSS6
Electrolux E23CS75DSS7
Electrolux E23CS75DSS8
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Electrolux E23CS75DSSF
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Electrolux E23CS75DSSH
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Electrolux E23CS78DSS3
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Electrolux E23CS78EPS1
Electrolux E23CS78EPS2
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Electrolux E23CS78EPS4
Electrolux E23CS78ESS0
Electrolux E23CS78ESS1
Electrolux E23CS78ESS2
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Electrolux E23CS78HSS4
Electrolux E23CS78HSS5
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Electrolux EI23BC30KS2
Electrolux EI23BC30KS3
Electrolux EI23BC30KS4A
Electrolux EI23BC30KS5A
Electrolux EI23BC30KS7A
Electrolux EI23BC30KS8A
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Electrolux EI23BC35KW5
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Electrolux EI23BC36IB1
Electrolux EI23BC36IB2
Electrolux EI23BC36IB4
Electrolux EI23BC36IB5
Electrolux EI23BC36IB6
Electrolux EI23BC36IB7
Electrolux EI23BC36IS0
Electrolux EI23BC36IS1
Electrolux EI23BC36IS2
Electrolux EI23BC36IS3
Electrolux EI23BC36IS4
Electrolux EI23BC36IS5
Electrolux EI23BC36IS6
Electrolux EI23BC36IS7
Electrolux EI23BC36IW0
Electrolux EI23BC36IW1
Electrolux EI23BC36IW2
Electrolux EI23BC36IW4
Electrolux EI23BC36IW5
Electrolux EI23BC36IW6
Electrolux EI23BC36IW7
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Electrolux EI23BC51IB1
Electrolux EI23BC51IB2
Electrolux EI23BC51IB4
Electrolux EI23BC51IB5
Electrolux EI23BC51IB6
Electrolux EI23BC51IS0
Electrolux EI23BC51IS1
Electrolux EI23BC51IS2
Electrolux EI23BC51IS3
Electrolux EI23BC51IS4
Electrolux EI23BC51IS5
Electrolux EI23BC51IS6
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Electrolux EI23BC51IW1
Electrolux EI23BC51IW2
Electrolux EI23BC51IW4
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Electrolux EI23BC51IW6
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Electrolux EI23BC56IB7
Electrolux EI23BC56IB8
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Electrolux EI23BC56IBB
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Electrolux EI23BC56IBD
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Electrolux EI23BC56IS1
Electrolux EI23BC56IS2
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Electrolux EI27BS26JW6
Electrolux EI27BS26JW7
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Electrolux EI27BS26JWB
Electrolux EI27BS26JWD
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Electrolux EI28BS36IB2
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Electrolux EI28BS51IS2
Electrolux EI28BS51IS3
Electrolux EI28BS51IS4
Electrolux EI28BS51IS5
Electrolux EI28BS51IS6
Electrolux EI28BS51IW0
Electrolux EI28BS51IW1
Electrolux EI28BS51IW2
Electrolux EI28BS51IW4
Electrolux EI28BS51IW5
Electrolux EI28BS51IW6
Electrolux EI28BS55IB0
Electrolux EI28BS55IB1
Electrolux EI28BS55IS0
Electrolux EI28BS55IS1
Electrolux EI28BS55IW0
Electrolux EI28BS55IW1
Electrolux EI28BS56IB0
Electrolux EI28BS56IB1
Electrolux EI28BS56IB2
Electrolux EI28BS56IB3
Electrolux EI28BS56IB4
Electrolux EI28BS56IB5
Electrolux EI28BS56IB6
Electrolux EI28BS56IB8
Electrolux EI28BS56IB9
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Electrolux EI28BS56IBB
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Electrolux EI28BS56IBE
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Electrolux EI28BS56IS1
Electrolux EI28BS56IS2
Electrolux EI28BS56IS3
Electrolux EI28BS56IS4
Electrolux EI28BS56IS5
Electrolux EI28BS56IS6
Electrolux EI28BS56IS7
Electrolux EI28BS56IS8
Electrolux EI28BS56IS9
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Electrolux EI28BS56ISB
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Electrolux EI28BS56ISD
Electrolux EI28BS56ISE
Electrolux EI28BS56ISF
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Electrolux EI28BS56IW1
Electrolux EI28BS56IW2
Electrolux EI28BS56IW3
Electrolux EI28BS56IW4
Electrolux EI28BS56IW5
Electrolux EI28BS56IW8
Electrolux EI28BS56IW9
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Electrolux EI28BS56IWB
Electrolux EI28BS56IWC
Electrolux EI28BS56IWD
Electrolux EI28BS56IWE
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Electrolux EI28BS65KS4
Electrolux EI28BS65KS6
Electrolux EI28BS65KS7
Electrolux EI28BS65KS8
Electrolux EI28BS65KS9
Electrolux EI28BS65KSBA
Electrolux EI28BS65KSCA
Electrolux EI28BS65KSDA
Electrolux EI28BS65KSEA
Electrolux EI28BS65KSGA
Electrolux EI28BS80KS1
Electrolux EI28BS80KS2
Electrolux EI28BS80KS3
Electrolux EI28BS80KS4A
Electrolux EI28BS80KS7A
Electrolux EI28BS80KS8A
Electrolux EW23BC70IB0
Electrolux EW23BC70IB1
Electrolux EW23BC70IS0
Electrolux EW23BC70IS1
Electrolux EW23BC70IW0
Electrolux EW23BC70IW1
Electrolux EW23BC71IB0
Electrolux EW23BC71IB1
Electrolux EW23BC71IB2
Electrolux EW23BC71IB3
Electrolux EW23BC71IB4
Electrolux EW23BC71IB6
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Electrolux EW23BC71ISB
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Electrolux EW23BC71IW0
Electrolux EW23BC71IW1
Electrolux EW23BC71IW2
Electrolux EW23BC71IW3
Electrolux EW23BC71IW4
Electrolux EW23BC71IW6
Electrolux EW23BC71IW7
Electrolux EW23BC71IW8
Electrolux EW23BC71IW9
Electrolux EW23BC71IWA
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Electrolux EW23BC85KS4
Electrolux EW23BC85KS5
Electrolux EW23BC85KS6
Electrolux EW23BC85KS7
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Electrolux EW23BC85KSDA
Electrolux EW23BC85KSFA
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Electrolux EW23CS65GB1
Electrolux EW23CS65GB2
Electrolux EW23CS65GB3
Electrolux EW23CS65GB4
Electrolux EW23CS65GS0
Electrolux EW23CS65GS2
Electrolux EW23CS65GS3
Electrolux EW23CS65GS4
Electrolux EW23CS65GW0
Electrolux EW23CS65GW1
Electrolux EW23CS65GW2
Electrolux EW23CS65GW3
Electrolux EW23CS65GW4
Electrolux EW23CS70IB0
Electrolux EW23CS70IB1
Electrolux EW23CS70IB2
Electrolux EW23CS70IB3
Electrolux EW23CS70IB4
Electrolux EW23CS70IB5
Electrolux EW23CS70IS0
Electrolux EW23CS70IS1
Electrolux EW23CS70IS2
Electrolux EW23CS70IS3
Electrolux EW23CS70IS4
Electrolux EW23CS70IS5
Electrolux EW23CS70IS7
Electrolux EW23CS70IW0
Electrolux EW23CS70IW1
Electrolux EW23CS70IW2
Electrolux EW23CS70IW3
Electrolux EW23CS70IW4
Electrolux EW23CS70IW5
Electrolux EW23CS75QS0
Electrolux EW23CS85KS0
Electrolux EW23CS85KS1
Electrolux EW23CS85KS2
Electrolux EW23SS65HB0
Electrolux EW23SS65HB1
Electrolux EW23SS65HB2
Electrolux EW23SS65HB3
Electrolux EW23SS65HB4
Electrolux EW23SS65HB5
Electrolux EW23SS65HS0
Electrolux EW23SS65HS1
Electrolux EW23SS65HS2
Electrolux EW23SS65HS3
Electrolux EW23SS65HS4
Electrolux EW23SS65HS5
Electrolux EW23SS65HS6
Electrolux EW23SS65HW0
Electrolux EW23SS65HW1
Electrolux EW23SS65HW2
Electrolux EW23SS65HW3
Electrolux EW23SS65HW4
Electrolux EW23SS65HW5
Electrolux EW26SS65GB0
Electrolux EW26SS65GB1
Electrolux EW26SS65GB2
Electrolux EW26SS65GB3
Electrolux EW26SS65GB4
Electrolux EW26SS65GS0
Electrolux EW26SS65GS1
Electrolux EW26SS65GS2
Electrolux EW26SS65GS3
Electrolux EW26SS65GS4
Electrolux EW26SS65GW0
Electrolux EW26SS65GW1
Electrolux EW26SS65GW2
Electrolux EW26SS65GW3
Electrolux EW26SS65GW4
Frigidaire BGHS2634KE0
Frigidaire BGHS2634KE1
Frigidaire BGHS2634KE2
Frigidaire BGHS2634KP0
Frigidaire BGHS2634KP1
Frigidaire BGHS2634KP2
Frigidaire BGHS2644KF0
Frigidaire BGHS2644KF1
Frigidaire BGHS2644KF2
Frigidaire DGHF2360PF0
Frigidaire DGHF2360PF1
Frigidaire DGHF2360PF2A
Frigidaire DGHF2360PF3A
Frigidaire DGHF2360PF4A
Frigidaire DGHF2360PF5A
Frigidaire DGHF2360PF6A
Frigidaire DGHF2360PF7A
Frigidaire DGHF2360PF8A
Frigidaire DGHF2360PF9A
Frigidaire DGHS2634KB0
Frigidaire DGHS2634KB2
Frigidaire DGHS2634KB3
Frigidaire DGHS2634KE1
Frigidaire DGHS2634KE2
Frigidaire DGHS2634KE3
Frigidaire DGHS2634KP1
Frigidaire DGHS2634KP2
Frigidaire DGHS2634KP3
Frigidaire DGHS2634KW0
Frigidaire DGHS2634KW2
Frigidaire DGHS2634KW3
Frigidaire DGHS2644KF1
Frigidaire DGHS2644KF2
Frigidaire DGHS2644KF3
Frigidaire DGHS2665KF0
Frigidaire DGHS2665KF2
Frigidaire DGUS2635LE0
Frigidaire DGUS2635LE1
Frigidaire DGUS2635LE2
Frigidaire DGUS2635LP0
Frigidaire DGUS2635LP1
Frigidaire DGUS2635LP2
Frigidaire DGUS2645LF0
Frigidaire DGUS2645LF2
Frigidaire DGUS2645LF3
Frigidaire DGUS2645LF4
Frigidaire DGUS2645LF5
Frigidaire DGUS2645LF6A
Frigidaire EI27BS26JBC
Frigidaire EI27BS26JSC
Frigidaire EI27BS26JWC
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Warranty Information

1 Year Limited Warranty.

Product Reviews

  1. Excellant Products and Service

    Posted by Barry on 17th Jun 2016

    The product we ordered came quickly and was the correct product. Works great.

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