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  • Frigidaire 154174501 5300809640 Dishwasher Lower Rack Roller Replacement
  • frontLtBlue
  • sideLtBlue

Frigidaire 154174501 Dishwasher Lower Rack Roller Replacement

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Product Description

Replacement lower dish rack roller and axle used on some Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Kenmore, Montgomery Wards, Tappan, Universal, and Westinghouse dishwasher models.

Directly Replaces: 5300809640, 154174501, 154174401, 154174502, 154294801, 3202777, 612977, AH452448, EA452448, PS452448, AP2135554, B006WOBNX6, B00DM8L2I6, B00M2586Z2.


  • Roller and axle assembly.
  • White.
  • Roller is approx. 1.75" diameter.

APN154174501 Compatible Models:
Where can I find my model number?
Crosley CDB350NB0A
Crosley CDB350NW0A
Crosley CDB400KB0
Crosley CDB400KB0A
Crosley CDB400KB1B
Crosley CDB400KW0
Crosley CDB400KW0A
Crosley CDB400KW1B
Crosley CDB500CGB0
Crosley CDB500CGB1
Crosley CDB500CGB2
Crosley CDB500CGB3
Crosley CDB500CGC0
Crosley CDB500CGC1
Crosley CDB500CGC2
Crosley CDB500CGC3
Crosley CDB500CGS0
Crosley CDB500CGS1
Crosley CDB500CGS2
Crosley CDB500CGS3
Crosley CDB500NB0A
Crosley CDB500NS0A
Crosley CDB500NW0A
Crosley CDB600KB0
Crosley CDB600KB0A
Crosley CDB600KB1B
Crosley CDB600KS0
Crosley CDB600KS0A
Crosley CDB600KS1B
Crosley CDB600KW0
Crosley CDB600KW0A
Crosley CDB600KW1B
Crosley CDBE241AB0
Crosley CDBE241AQ0
Crosley CDBE241AW0
Crosley CDBE566AB0
Crosley CDBE566AB1
Crosley CDBE566AQ0
Crosley CDBE566AQ1
Crosley CDBE566AS0
Crosley CDBE566AS1
Crosley CDBE566AS2
Crosley CDBE566AW0
Frigidaire 1031-005A
Frigidaire 1032-005A
Frigidaire 1041-002A
Frigidaire 1071-003A
Frigidaire 1081-000A
Frigidaire 61-1014-00
Frigidaire 61-1072-10
Frigidaire 68-1075
Frigidaire 68-1085
Frigidaire 763
Frigidaire 766
Frigidaire 775
Frigidaire 787
Frigidaire 789
Frigidaire BADMODEL1
Frigidaire BF18P2
Frigidaire DW1085KW2
Frigidaire DW1100PW1
Frigidaire DW1800LW1
Frigidaire DW1800LW2
Frigidaire DW1800LW3
Frigidaire DW1800V1
Frigidaire DW1800Y0
Frigidaire DW1805KW1
Frigidaire DW1805KW4
Frigidaire DW2508A1
Frigidaire DW2508PW1
Frigidaire DW2508PW2
Frigidaire DW2558A1
Frigidaire DW2558PW1
Frigidaire DW2558PW2
Frigidaire DW3200PW1
Frigidaire DW3400PW1
Frigidaire DW4600PW1
Frigidaire DW5000A1
Frigidaire DW5100P*1
Frigidaire DW5100PW1
Frigidaire DW5200A1
Frigidaire DW5700PW1
Frigidaire DW5800PW1
Frigidaire DW5900PW1
Frigidaire DW6000AWW1
Frigidaire DW6250A1
Frigidaire DW6300AWW1
Frigidaire DW6500AWW1
Frigidaire DW9000AWW1
Frigidaire F71C12PHS1
Frigidaire F71C24RJB1
Frigidaire F71C44EJB0
Frigidaire F71C44EJS0
Frigidaire F71C663BB0
Frigidaire F71C663BD0
Frigidaire F71C663BS0
Frigidaire F71C765BB0
Frigidaire F71C765BS0
Frigidaire F71C765BT0
Frigidaire F71C885BB0
Frigidaire F71C885BS0
Frigidaire F71C885BT0
Frigidaire FBD2400KB0
Frigidaire FBD2400KB2A
Frigidaire FBD2400KB3A
Frigidaire FBD2400KB4A
Frigidaire FBD2400KQ0
Frigidaire FBD2400KQ2A
Frigidaire FBD2400KQ3A
Frigidaire FBD2400KQ4A
Frigidaire FBD2400KS0A
Frigidaire FBD2400KS1A
Frigidaire FBD2400KS2A
Frigidaire FBD2400KW0
Frigidaire FBD2400KW2A
Frigidaire FBD2400KW3A
Frigidaire FBD2400KW4A
Frigidaire FD1870WHB0
Frigidaire FDB101SAW0
Frigidaire FDB101SAW1
Frigidaire FDB101SAW2
Frigidaire FDB102SDW0
Frigidaire FDB1050REB0
Frigidaire FDB1050REB1
Frigidaire FDB1050REB2
Frigidaire FDB1050REB3
Frigidaire FDB1050REB4
Frigidaire FDB1050REB5
Frigidaire FDB1050REC0
Frigidaire FDB1050REC1
Frigidaire FDB1050REC2
Frigidaire FDB1050REC3
Frigidaire FDB1050REC4
Frigidaire FDB1050REC5
Frigidaire FDB1050REM0
Frigidaire FDB1050REM1
Frigidaire FDB1050REM2
Frigidaire FDB1050REM3
Frigidaire FDB1050REM4
Frigidaire FDB1050REM5
Frigidaire FDB1050REQ0
Frigidaire FDB1050REQ1
Frigidaire FDB1050REQ2
Frigidaire FDB1050REQ3
Frigidaire FDB1050REQ4
Frigidaire FDB1050REQ5
Frigidaire FDB1050RES0
Frigidaire FDB1050RES1
Frigidaire FDB1050RES2
Frigidaire FDB1050RES3
Frigidaire FDB1050RES4
Frigidaire FDB1050RES5
Frigidaire FDB1051REB0
Frigidaire FDB1051REB1
Frigidaire FDB1051REB2
Frigidaire FDB1051REM0
Frigidaire FDB1051REM1
Frigidaire FDB1051REM2
Frigidaire FDB1051REQ0
Frigidaire FDB1051REQ1
Frigidaire FDB1051REQ2
Frigidaire FDB1051RES0
Frigidaire FDB1051RES1
Frigidaire FDB1051RES2
Frigidaire FDB10NRBB0
Frigidaire FDB10NRBB1
Frigidaire FDB10NRBB2
Frigidaire FDB1100RHB0
Frigidaire FDB1100RHB2A
Frigidaire FDB1100RHB3A
Frigidaire FDB1100RHB3B
Frigidaire FDB1100RHC0
Frigidaire FDB1100RHC2A
Frigidaire FDB1100RHC3A
Frigidaire FDB1100RHC3B
Frigidaire FDB1100RHM0
Frigidaire FDB1100RHM2A
Frigidaire FDB1100RHM3A
Frigidaire FDB1100RHM3B
Frigidaire FDB1100RHQ0
Frigidaire FDB1100RHQ2A
Frigidaire FDB1100RHQ3A
Frigidaire FDB1100RHQ3B
Frigidaire FDB1100RHS0
Frigidaire FDB1100RHS2A
Frigidaire FDB1100RHS3A
Frigidaire FDB1100RHS3B
Frigidaire FDB1200RGB0
Frigidaire FDB1200RGB1
Frigidaire FDB1200RGB2
Frigidaire FDB1200RGC0
Frigidaire FDB1200RGC1
Frigidaire FDB1200RGC2
Frigidaire FDB1200RGQ0
Frigidaire FDB1200RGQ1
Frigidaire FDB1200RGQ2
Frigidaire FDB1200RGS0
Frigidaire FDB1200RGS1
Frigidaire FDB1200RGS2
Frigidaire FDB1250REB0
Frigidaire FDB1250REB1
Frigidaire FDB1250REB2
Frigidaire FDB1250REB3
Frigidaire FDB1250REB4
Frigidaire FDB1250REC0
Frigidaire FDB1250REC1
Frigidaire FDB1250REC2
Frigidaire FDB1250REC3
Frigidaire FDB1250REC4
Frigidaire FDB1250REQ0
Frigidaire FDB1250REQ1
Frigidaire FDB1250REQ2
Frigidaire FDB1250REQ3
Frigidaire FDB1250REQ4
Frigidaire FDB1250RES0
Frigidaire FDB1250RES1
Frigidaire FDB1250RES2
Frigidaire FDB1250RES3
Frigidaire FDB1250RES4
Frigidaire FDB125RHB0
Frigidaire FDB125RHB1
Frigidaire FDB125RHB2
Frigidaire FDB125RHB3
Frigidaire FDB125RHD0
Frigidaire FDB125RHD1
Frigidaire FDB125RHD2
Frigidaire FDB125RHD3
Frigidaire FDB125RHS0
Frigidaire FDB125RHS1
Frigidaire FDB125RHS2
Frigidaire FDB125RHS3
Frigidaire FDB125RHU0
Frigidaire FDB125RHU1

Warranty Information

90 Day Limited Warranty

Product Reviews


    Posted by DICK on 23rd Sep 2016


  2. Easy on

    Posted by James on 17th Dec 2015

    This was a great product at a great price. order was smooth and product arrived quickly. Wheels snapped right on and works great

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