Green Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen

17th Jun 2015

Green Cleaning Tips for Your KitchenWe all want to keep our kitchens clean and fresh smelling, but doing so we often use dangerous and harsh cleaners and detergents. These cleaners are often danger … read more

Fixing a Leaky Refrigerator

2nd Mar 2015

DIY Tip: Refrigerator is Leaking WaterTroubleshootA pool of water spreading from under your refrigerator or cabinets is never a good thing. Refrigerators use a significant amount of water to conduct t … read more

Troubleshooting Common Refrigerator Repairs

17th Feb 2015

The refrigerator. It's the central hub of the family at dinner time as kids grab their drinks and mom grabs ingredients to fix that night's meal. It's perhaps the only appliance in your home that r … read more