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The water filtration system you are using needs to be cleaned every now and then. However, there are a lot of people who thinks that changing the filters are not that much important. This assumption is wrong. You need to change them to keep your water clean. The reason you are using the filters is to clean your drinking water and the water will not be cleaned if the filter is not replaced.

Why should the filters be replaced?

There are a lot of filtration systems that are made up of carbon, charcoal and a set of different filter media. All these are used to reduce the impurities in the water. The systems made up from this combination reduces the contaminants in the water. The process starts with the filtration of contaminants mechanically in which a large amount is trapped into the pores of the filters. The remaining contaminants will then adhere to the surface of the filter. After the passage of some time, there will be no space left for the absorption of contaminants, as a result, your water will not be cleaned. This can be detected by noticing the speed at which the water is filtered. It will eventually slow down when cleaning is required.

And how often?

The recommended time at which the change of the filter is required depends upon various things. It will depend on the type of instrument you are using and the material with which it is made. Moreover, almost all the filters have the specifications about cleaning that can be consulted. The frequency of replacement can also depend on the gallons and months. The detection is quite easy as you may be able to feel that the water is filtered slowly.

Moreover, there are some filters that need to be replaced on regular basis in order to continue a proper functioning. As these filters are continuously trapping the debris and sediments which are why they can be clogged after some time. If they are clogged enough, it will be impossible for the water to pass through it. Which is why you need to focus on changing the filters on regular basis. This is the only way you can keep your filter working for more time.

Remembering the change of filters:

As the life of every person is quite busy nowadays. There are times when you will forget to change the water filter. However, to cater this problem, you can use the following tips:

  • Mark the change of water filter on a calendar.
  • Put up a reminder on your phone.
  • Buy more than one filter replacement at one time.
  • Pair up the change of your water filter with some other important chore of your house.

Changing the water filter regularly is important to have a clean water for you and your family. 

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