Washing Machine Parts Explained

7th Sep 2016

There are many different washer dryer parts that make up the entire washer-dryer unit. A few of the parts are mentioned below.Drain HoseThis is the part of the washer that removes water from inner tub … read more

School Stains Are Coming, Be Prepared!

1st Aug 2016

School stains are coming, be prepared!With school starting back up soon, you'll need to be ready for any and all stains your kids come home with. So take a seat, because Stain Removal 101 is in sessio … read more
Frigidaire, Then and Now

Frigidaire, Then and Now

18th May 2016

Frigidaire, Then and NowThe group Frigidaire originated in 1918 with the acquisition of Guardian Refrigerator Company by General Motors. The name change was just the first of many large changes made … read more