Burr Coffee Grinders versus Blade Coffee Grinders

24th Dec 2015

Burr Coffee Grinders versus Blade Coffee Grinders

A burr grinder is used in the grinding of coffee beans into a fine powder which is then used to make coffee and espresso. Two different burr grinders exist namely: the flat plate and the conical.

The Conical and Flat Plate Burr Grinder

The flat plate has two similar rings that face each other while the conical burr has two burrs that are cone shaped which are used to grind coffee beans. The two grinders have a stationary burr while the other is kept rotating by a motor. These to grinders are renowned for the quality that they produce.

Blade Grinders

These grinders use a blade, identical to the one in a propeller, to chop coffee beans. The quality of the product is determined by the period of time the beans are allowed to grind. If the coffee beans are allowed a longer period of time, then the end result is a finer powder like substance.

The popularity of the blade grinder pales in comparison to the conical or flat plate grinder. This is because the end product of the blade grinder varies from chunks to a fine powder. The powder is also said to be sticky as it picks up static charges making it quite messy. Blade grinders are used in drip and toddy makers to make coffee. These are affordable and quite simple. They cannot be able to grind to the level required for Turkish or espresso quality.

High and Low Speed Grinders

Users can decide the grind size of coffee beans by using the high speed grinder. These burr grinders are also consistent in producing a fine powder. The high speed grinders are also called “direct drive” since they are attached to the motor so that they turn the same way the motor does.

The low speed grinders as opposed to the blade grinders have almost no static charge. Their operation is quiet and they heat up moderately. Another upside of the low speed grinder is that it does not clog up even when a fine powder is produced. The low speed grinders are bought with either a conical or a flat burr. Indeed, this grinder utilizes a “gear reduction” or a “direct drive” mechanism.

The Gear Reduction and the Direct Drive

Gear reduction grinder has its high speed motor hooked into gears reducing the pace of the burrs. These grinders are effective although noisy in comparison to the “direct drive”. The “direct drive” grinders are the most efficient in the market. They do not heat up and are able to handle a larger load.

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