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Organizing Your Silverware Drawer

A majority of us have cluttered kitchen drawers that make it more difficult to open the drawer and locate things easily. When you organize your cutlery, it becomes quicker for you find the item you want rather than wasting time sorting through jumbled forks and spoons.

This is a helpful guide for you to organize your silverware drawer. First of all, if you do not have an organizer or tray in your drawer, it is wise to get one. A silverware organizer is the easiest means to keep all of your spoons, forks and knives etc., separated, sorted and ready to grab when you are setting the table. Some organizer trays are better at accommodating your different types of cutlery items. So you need to keep all of them in mind before buying one.

  • There is everyday cutlery and crockery that is used day in and day out. Then there is special occasion stuff that is only saved for family dinners, birthdays, holidays and celebrations. But there is absolutely no need for you to overload your silverware drawer. Get a second organizer for the special occasion silverware.
  • Now you might have silverware for use of 24-30 people at once, but that is a rare occurrence right? Normally you only use 4-8 place settings while the rest of your silverware is just sitting all cluttered in the drawer. See how many knives, forks and spoons you need to use regularly and only keep those in your silverware drawer. Put the rest of them away, using an organizer into a less-accessible cabinet like your china closet.
  • The best solution for you to handle and organize your silverware drawer is using expandable trays. When unexpanded, these trays have sufficient space to accommodate your basic use silverware. These often come with two compartments on each side for bigger drawers and larger collections.
  • Some trays are non-adjustable and are ideal for the right-sized drawers. Some of these can be used outside of drawers as well. Like you have to take your silverware out in the backyard for a lovely family dinner or you need to lend your cutlery to a friend, these trays sure come in handy.
  • Another type of cutlery trays is the vintage ones from the 70's. Now these may not be as flexible as the peer trays and most of the sections allow spoon storage only but for smaller families, it tends to be quite helpful to have a visual cue to what goes where for a more organized cutlery drawer.
  • Some trays come with individual containers that are just rightly sized for your silverware collection. These tend to be a helpful substitute to a single tray. They are quite flexible and can work appropriately if it has the right compartments according to your silverware.
  • Not a tray person? Some people tend to avoid trays for organizing their cutlery as it takes space and are not feasible for smaller drawers. Cut-to-size inserts are a suitable alternative to trays as there are no exterior edges and they use bit less space in the drawer. 

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