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  • Whirlpool 4387535 Refrigerator Compressor Overload Kit Replacement
  • SAP4387535 BACK
  • SAP4387535 BOTTOM
  • SAP4387535 FRONT
  • SAP4387535 HARNESS
  • SAP4387535 SIDE2
  • SAP4387535 SIDE
  • SAP4387535 TOP

Whirlpool 4387535 Refrigerator Compressor Overload Kit Replacement

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Product Description

Replacement compressor overload kit used in some Amana, Crosley, Estate, Inglis, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Maytag, Roper, and Whirlpool refrigerator models.

Directly Replaces: 4387535, AP3108472, 14210139, 2154760, 2159596, 4357210, 4387767, 586234, AH371273, EA371273, PS371273.


  • Approx. 1.25"L x 1"W.
  • Relay and overload kit.

SAP4387535 Compatible Models:
Where can I find my model number?
Whirlpool TS22AFXKQ05
Whirlpool ED22TEXHW00
Whirlpool ED0GTQXMQ00
Whirlpool ED2GHGXMQ00
Whirlpool ED2CHQXKQ05
Whirlpool ED20PKXBW00
Whirlpool ED20TQXFW01
Whirlpool ED22RFXFW01
Whirlpool ED20TKXDW01
Whirlpool ED20PKXBN00
Whirlpool ED20TKXDW00
Whirlpool ED22TEXHN00
Whirlpool ED22TEXHW02
Whirlpool ED20TKXDN00
Whirlpool ED2PHEXMQ00
Whirlpool ED22RFXFN01
Whirlpool ED2CHQXKB05
Whirlpool ED20TWXDW00
Whirlpool ED20PKXAW01
Whirlpool ED20TWXDW02
Whirlpool ED22TQXGW00
Whirlpool ED20TKXDW02
Whirlpool ED2FTGXKQ00
Whirlpool ED0GTQXKQ00
Whirlpool ED2CHQXKT05
Whirlpool RS22AQXKQ00
Whirlpool ED22DQXEW01
Whirlpool ED22PQXDW02
Whirlpool ED2NHGXMQ00
Whirlpool KBRS21KAWH10
Whirlpool EB21DKXBW00
Whirlpool ED20TKXDN02
Whirlpool ED22DQXBW01
Whirlpool ED22PWXBW01
Whirlpool ED22QFXHW00
Whirlpool ET20DKXSW00
Whirlpool ET20TKXBW00
Whirlpool ED20TWXDN00
Whirlpool ED22TQXEW00
Whirlpool ED2CHQXKT00
Whirlpool GS2SHEXNS00
Whirlpool KSRB22FHSS04
Whirlpool ED22DQXEB01
Whirlpool ED22TEXHW01
Whirlpool KSRS22FGBL01
Whirlpool TS22AWXDW00
Whirlpool ED22RQXXW00
Whirlpool ED2CHQXKQ00
Whirlpool ET20DKXSW01
Whirlpool ET20NKXAN03
Whirlpool ET20TKXDW02
Whirlpool KSRA22FKSS00
Whirlpool KSRB22FHSS01
Whirlpool ED20PKXAN01
Whirlpool ED20TKXDN01
Whirlpool ED22DQXDW01
Whirlpool ED22RFXFB01
Whirlpool ED22TQXEN00
Whirlpool ED2FHGXKQ00
Whirlpool ED2GTQXKQ00
Whirlpool ED2GTQXKT00
Whirlpool ET20DKXAW00
Whirlpool ET20TKXBN00
Whirlpool KSSP36QFW05
Whirlpool RT14BKXKQ02
Whirlpool RT14DKXEW00
Whirlpool TS22AFXKQ00
Whirlpool ED20PKXAW02
Whirlpool ED22PEXHW02
Whirlpool ED22TWXDN00
Whirlpool ED2VHGXMT00
Whirlpool ET20NMXDW00
Whirlpool KSRB22FHSS02
Whirlpool KSRG22FKWH03
Whirlpool EB21DKXAW00
Whirlpool EB21DKXDW01
Whirlpool ED22PQXDN00
Whirlpool ED2FHEXMT00
Whirlpool ET20DKXXN00
Whirlpool KSRB22FKSS01
Whirlpool KSRS22QFWH00
Whirlpool KSRU22FKWH01
Whirlpool KTHS20MBWH00
Whirlpool RS20AQXFW00
Whirlpool SS22AEXHW01
Whirlpool TS22AFXKT05
Whirlpool ED20PKXXN00
Whirlpool ED20TQXEW00
Whirlpool ED22CQXFB01
Whirlpool ED22LFXGB00
Whirlpool ED22PEXHT00
Whirlpool ED22PEXHT03
Whirlpool ED22PQXDN04
Whirlpool ED22PQXFW01
Whirlpool ED22TWXDW00
Whirlpool ED22ZRXXW00
Whirlpool ED2FTGXKQ04
Whirlpool ED2PHEXMT00
Whirlpool ED2VHGXMQ00
Whirlpool ET22DKXAW02
Whirlpool ET22DMXAW02
Whirlpool ET22DQRBW00
Whirlpool ET4CSKYKQ01
Whirlpool GD2SHAXKQ01
Whirlpool KSRA22ILBL01
Whirlpool KSSS36MDX04
Whirlpool RT14VKXEW00
Whirlpool ED19TKXMWR1
Whirlpool ED20ZKXAW01
Whirlpool ED22CQXFW01
Whirlpool ED22DCXBN00
Whirlpool ED22GWXFW01
Whirlpool ED22PCXBW00
Whirlpool ED22PEXHW00
Whirlpool ED22PQXDW04
Whirlpool ED22PWXBN01
Whirlpool ED22PWXDW00
Whirlpool ED2FHGXKT00
Whirlpool ED2LHAXMB00
Whirlpool ET20TKXDW03
Whirlpool ET21DMXDW02
Whirlpool ET22DKXBW00
Whirlpool GS2SHAXMS00
Whirlpool GS2SHEXNQ00
Whirlpool GS2SHGXLS00
Whirlpool GS2SHGXLS01
Whirlpool KBLS36MHX01
Whirlpool KBRS21KDWH01
Whirlpool KSPS22QBWH00
Whirlpool KSRG22FKWH01
Whirlpool KSRS22FGSS13
Whirlpool KSSS36MDX05
Whirlpool KSSS36QDX05
Whirlpool RS22AQXGW00
Whirlpool 8ET22DKXDW00
Whirlpool EB21DKXDB01
Whirlpool ED20GKXZN01
Whirlpool ED20TKXFN03
Whirlpool ED20TKXFW01
Whirlpool ED20TQXFW02
Whirlpool ED20ZKXDN00
Whirlpool ED20ZKXWW00
Whirlpool ED22PQXDN02
Whirlpool ED22ZRXXN00
Whirlpool ET20DKXAN00
Whirlpool ET20DKXBN00
Whirlpool ET20GKXDN00
Whirlpool ET20PKXAN00
Whirlpool ET20ZKXYW01
Whirlpool ET22DKXAN02
Whirlpool ET22DKXBN00
Whirlpool ET22DQRDW01
Whirlpool GS2SHAXKB02
Whirlpool GS2SHEXNB00
Whirlpool KBLC36MHS01
Whirlpool KSRD22FKSS04
Whirlpool KSRG22FKBT15
Whirlpool KSRS22FGBT02
Whirlpool KSRS22FGBT04
Whirlpool KSRS22QAWH21
Whirlpool KSSC36MHS00
Whirlpool KSSS36MDX00
Whirlpool KTRS20MAWH10
Whirlpool ST14CKXKQ01
Whirlpool TS22AFXKQ06
Whirlpool AFI2538AEB00
Whirlpool CS22AEXHW01
Whirlpool EB21DKXDW00
Whirlpool ED19AK1LWR1
Whirlpool ED20PKXAN02
Whirlpool ED22CQXHB00
Whirlpool ED22CQXHB02
Whirlpool ED22DQXBN01
Whirlpool ED22GWXXN00
Whirlpool ED22GWXXW00
Whirlpool ED22TWXDW02
Whirlpool ED22UEXHT00
Whirlpool ET0WSRXMQ00
Whirlpool ET14JKXSW00
Whirlpool ET20DKXBW00
Whirlpool ET20GMXSW02
Whirlpool ET20NKXAW02
Whirlpool ET20NKXAW04
Whirlpool ET20NKXDW00
Whirlpool ET20PMXDN00
Whirlpool ET20RKXYW00
Whirlpool ET20TKXDN01
Whirlpool ET21DMXDW04
Whirlpool ET22DMXAN02
Whirlpool ET22DQLDW01
Whirlpool GD2LHGXLQ04
Whirlpool GD2SHGXKB01
Whirlpool GS2SHAXKS01
Whirlpool GS2SHEXNL00
Whirlpool KSRB22FKSS02
Whirlpool KSRG22FKSS04
Whirlpool KSRG22FKSS15
Whirlpool KSSS36DBW00
Whirlpool RS22AQXGW03
Whirlpool RS22AWXEW01
Whirlpool RS22BRXBW01
Whirlpool CS22AEXHW02
Whirlpool EB19MKXSN01
Whirlpool EB21DKXDB00
Whirlpool ED20TKXFN01
Whirlpool ED20ZKXDW00
Whirlpool ED20ZKXWN00
Whirlpool ED22DCXBB00
Whirlpool ED22GWXFW03
Whirlpool ED22LFXHW01
Whirlpool ED22PEXHT02
Whirlpool ED22PKXDN01
Whirlpool ED22PQXDW01
Whirlpool ED22PQXFN01
Whirlpool ED22QFXHW02
Whirlpool ED22TEXHN01
Whirlpool ED22TQXGN00
Whirlpool ED22TWXDN02
Whirlpool ED22UEXHW02
Whirlpool ED2FHGXKQ04
Whirlpool ED2LHAXMT00
Whirlpool ED2NTQXKT00
Whirlpool ED2PHEXMB00
Whirlpool ED2SHGXMQ00
Whirlpool ET14AKXSW02
Whirlpool ET20DKXVW04
Whirlpool ET20DMXBB00
Whirlpool ET20DMXBW00
Whirlpool ET20GMXSW00
Whirlpool ET20LKXAW00
Whirlpool ET20NKXAW03
Whirlpool ET20NKXDN00
Whirlpool ET20ZKXBW00
Whirlpool ET21DKXDN04
Whirlpool ET21DKXDW04
Whirlpool ET22DKXBN02
Whirlpool ET22DMXDW00
Whirlpool ET22DQLDB00
Whirlpool ET22DQLDN00
Whirlpool ET22DQRDB00
Whirlpool ET4WSKXKT02
Whirlpool GD22DFXFN02
Whirlpool GD22DFXFW02
Whirlpool GD2SHAXKB01
Whirlpool GD2SHKXKQ00
Whirlpool KSRA22ILWH02
Whirlpool KSRB22FHSS03
Whirlpool KSRB22FHSS05
Whirlpool KSRS22FGBT01

Warranty Information

90 Day Limited Warranty

Product Reviews

  1. DIY $9.00 repair saved old garaged refrig from junk yard.

    Posted by gene on 22nd Apr 2016

    Very easy yo know if solid state relay is fried, just remove it and shake..if your hear rattles, it's burned. It took 15 minutes to install the new relay and overload protector. The other online parts site wanted $40 to $91 dollars for the same new part. Sears Repair quote over $300 to fix. Speedy had part for NINE DOLLARS, and it was delivered within 4 days. So, I expect my 22 year old frig will now outlast me providing cold drinks all summer, and extra freezer space most of the year.

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