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  • Whirlpool 2217220 / GE WR57X10028 Ice Machine Motor & Pump Replacement
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Whirlpool 2217220 / GE WR57X10028 Ice Machine Pump Replacement

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Product Description

Replacement pump and motor assembly used on some GE, Kenmore, KitchenAid, and Whirlpool ice machine models.

Directly Replaces: WP2217220, 2217220, 2185531, 2185748, 2185749, 2185750, 2185751, 2185752, 2185753, 2185754, 2185765, 2185767, 2185854, 2208481, 2208482, 4388318, PS11739740, WP2217220VP, AP6006664, B00AKFUJRY, B008DJQTLY, B00AKG1E3Q, B008DJV49Q, B00AKG4DOI, B008DJRPM6, B00AKFYFOW, B00AKG0ESM, B00AKFWPAS, B008DJRQKC, B00AKFLMFW, B008DJRQ5C, B008DJRRU6, B00AKFZCEO, B00ECV3EZG, B008DJRQYI, B00NMNLL2I, B00AKFXIQI, B00AKFJ862, B00AKG6XLO, B008DJV4MI, B008DJVVW6, B00AKFVW0M, B008DJRP30, B00AKFN4AI, B008DJROGS.


  • Circlulation pump assembly used on both free standing automatic ice machines and under counter ice machines.
  • Includes motor assembly and housing, pump impeller and sleeve assembly, mounting bracket, and 3 wire harness.
  • Approx. 0.5" outlet nozzle.

APN2217220 Compatible Models:
Where can I find my model number?
Kenmore 10689482990
Kenmore 10689482991
Kenmore 10689482992
Kenmore 10689482993
Kenmore 10689482994
Kenmore 10689482995
Kenmore 10689482996
Kenmore 10689482997
Kenmore 10689482998
Kenmore 10689483992
Kenmore 10689483993
Kenmore 10689483994
Kenmore 10689483995
Kenmore 10689483996
Kenmore 10689483997
Kenmore 10689483998
Kenmore 10689485990
Kenmore 10689485991
Kenmore 10689485992
Kenmore 10689489990
Kenmore 10689489991
Kenmore 10689489992
Kenmore 10689489993
Kenmore 10689489994
Kenmore 10689489995
Kenmore 10689489996
Kenmore 10689489997
Kenmore 10689489998
Kenmore 46-89482991
KitchenAid 8198549
KitchenAid 8198922
KitchenAid KUIA15NLHS4
KitchenAid KUIA15NLHS5
KitchenAid KUIA15NLHS6
KitchenAid KUIA15NLHS7
KitchenAid KUIA15NLHS8
KitchenAid KUIA15NLHS9
KitchenAid KUIA15NRHS4
KitchenAid KUIA15NRHS5
KitchenAid KUIA15NRHS6
KitchenAid KUIA15NRHS8
KitchenAid KUIA15NRHS9
KitchenAid KUIA15PLLS0
KitchenAid KUIA15PLLS1
KitchenAid KUIA15PLLS2
KitchenAid KUIA15PLLS3
KitchenAid KUIA15PLLS4
KitchenAid KUIA15PLLS5
KitchenAid KUIA15PRLS0
KitchenAid KUIA15PRLS1
KitchenAid KUIA15PRLS2
KitchenAid KUIA15PRLS3
KitchenAid KUIA15PRLS4
KitchenAid KUIA15PRLS5
KitchenAid KUIA18NNJS3
KitchenAid KUIA18NNJS4
KitchenAid KUIA18NNJS5
KitchenAid KUIA18NNJS6
KitchenAid KUIA18NNJS7
KitchenAid KUIA18NNJS8
KitchenAid KUIA18PNLS0
KitchenAid KUIA18PNLS1
KitchenAid KUIA18PNLS2
KitchenAid KUIA18PNLS3
KitchenAid KUIA18PNLS4
KitchenAid KUIA18PNLS5
KitchenAid KUIC15NLSS0
KitchenAid KUIC15NRSS0
KitchenAid KUIC18NNSS0
KitchenAid KUIS155HBL1
KitchenAid KUIS155HBL2
KitchenAid KUIS155HBL3
KitchenAid KUIS155HBL4
KitchenAid KUIS155HBS0
KitchenAid KUIS155HBS1
KitchenAid KUIS155HBS2
KitchenAid KUIS155HBS3
KitchenAid KUIS155HBS4
KitchenAid KUIS155HBT0
KitchenAid KUIS155HBT1
KitchenAid KUIS155HBT2
KitchenAid KUIS155HBT3
KitchenAid KUIS155HBT4
KitchenAid KUIS155HLS0
KitchenAid KUIS155HLS2
KitchenAid KUIS155HLS3
KitchenAid KUIS155HLS4
KitchenAid KUIS155HPB0
KitchenAid KUIS155HPB2
KitchenAid KUIS155HPB3
KitchenAid KUIS155HPB4
KitchenAid KUIS155HPW0
KitchenAid KUIS155HPW2
KitchenAid KUIS155HPW3
KitchenAid KUIS155HPW4
KitchenAid KUIS155HRS0
KitchenAid KUIS155HRS2
KitchenAid KUIS155HRS3
KitchenAid KUIS155HRS4
KitchenAid KUIS155HWH0
KitchenAid KUIS155HWH1
KitchenAid KUIS155HWH2
KitchenAid KUIS155HWH3
KitchenAid KUIS155HWH4
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHB4
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHB5
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHB6
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHB7
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHB8
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHB9
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHS4
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHS5
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHS6
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHS7
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHS8
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHS9
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHT4
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHT5
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHT6
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHT7
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHT8
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHT9
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHW4
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHW5
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHW6
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHW7
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHW8
KitchenAid KUIS15NRHW9
KitchenAid KUIS15PRHB4
KitchenAid KUIS15PRHB5
KitchenAid KUIS15PRHB6
KitchenAid KUIS15PRHB7
KitchenAid KUIS15PRHB8
KitchenAid KUIS15PRHW4
KitchenAid KUIS15PRHW5
KitchenAid KUIS15PRHW6
KitchenAid KUIS15PRHW7
KitchenAid KUIS15PRHW8
KitchenAid KUIS185JBL0
KitchenAid KUIS185JBL1
KitchenAid KUIS185JBL2
KitchenAid KUIS185JBL3
KitchenAid KUIS185JBS0
KitchenAid KUIS185JBS1
KitchenAid KUIS185JBS2
KitchenAid KUIS185JBS3
KitchenAid KUIS185JBT0
KitchenAid KUIS185JBT1
KitchenAid KUIS185JBT2
KitchenAid KUIS185JBT3
KitchenAid KUIS185JPB0
KitchenAid KUIS185JPB1
KitchenAid KUIS185JPB2
KitchenAid KUIS185JPB3
KitchenAid KUIS185JPW0
KitchenAid KUIS185JPW1
KitchenAid KUIS185JPW2
KitchenAid KUIS185JPW3
KitchenAid KUIS185JSS0
KitchenAid KUIS185JSS1
KitchenAid KUIS185JSS2
KitchenAid KUIS185JSS3
KitchenAid KUIS185JWH0
KitchenAid KUIS185JWH1
KitchenAid KUIS185JWH2
KitchenAid KUIS185JWH3
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJB3
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJB4
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJB5
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJB6
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJB7
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJB8
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJS3
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJS4
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJS5
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJS6
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJS7
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJS8
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJT3
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJT4
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJT5
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJT6
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJT7
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJT8
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJW3
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJW4
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJW5
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJW6
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJW7
KitchenAid KUIS18NNJW8
KitchenAid KUIS18PNJB3
KitchenAid KUIS18PNJB4
KitchenAid KUIS18PNJB5
KitchenAid KUIS18PNJB6
KitchenAid KUIS18PNJB7
KitchenAid KUIS18PNJB8
KitchenAid KUIS18PNJW3
KitchenAid KUIS18PNJW4
KitchenAid KUIS18PNJW5
KitchenAid KUIS18PNJW6
KitchenAid KUIS18PNJW7
KitchenAid KUIS18PNJW8
KitchenAid KUIV18NNMM0
KitchenAid KUIV18NNMM1
KitchenAid KUIV18NNMM2
KitchenAid KUIV18NNMM3
KitchenAid KUIV18NNMM4
KitchenAid KUIV18NNMS0
KitchenAid KUIV18NNMS1
KitchenAid KUIV18NNMS2
KitchenAid KUIV18NNMS3
KitchenAid KUIV18NNMS4
KitchenAid KUSS185JSS3
Whirlpool CSW45PA1B0
Whirlpool GI1500PHB0
Whirlpool GI1500PHB2
Whirlpool GI1500PHB3
Whirlpool GI1500PHB4
Whirlpool GI1500PHB5
Whirlpool GI1500PHB6
Whirlpool GI1500PHB7
Whirlpool GI1500PHB8
Whirlpool GI1500PHW0
Whirlpool GI1500PHW2
Whirlpool GI1500PHW3
Whirlpool GI1500PHW4
Whirlpool GI1500PHW5

Warranty Information

90 Day Limited Warranty

Product Reviews

  1. Great part at good price

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Aug 2018

    Part fit perfect, shipped very quickly and the pricing was very fair.The thing that i liked most was the fact that i wasn't charged 3 the actual shipping cost like most
    companies do on line just to make more money off the shipping . would definitely order from you again.

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