WR30X10093 Refrigerator Ice Maker Replacement for GE / Hotpoint

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Replacement ice maker used for some GE, Hotpoint, and Kenmore refrigerator models.

Directly Replaces: WR30X10093, WR30X10102, WR29X5162, WR29X0191, WR29X5007, WR29X5012, WR29X5023, WR30M0149, WR30M0153, WR30X0138, WR30X0147, WR30X0148, WR30X0159, WR30X0169, WR30X0199, WR30X0203, WR30X0213, WR30X0214, WR30X0238, WR30X0241, WR30X0259, WR30X0282, WR30X0283, WR30X0289, WR30X0290, WR30X0304, WR30X0306, WR30X0307, WR30X0310, WR30X0315, WR30X0318, WR30X0320, WR30X0327, WR30X0328, WR30X0329, WR30X10012, WR30X10014, WR30X10044, WR30X10058, WR30X10061, WR30X10082, WR30X10109, WR30X10111, WR30X148, WR30X320, WR29X160, WR29X157, WR29X10001, WR29X10080, WR29X185, WR29X0157, WR29X0158, WR29X0160, WR29X0185, WR29X20949, WR29X27993, WR30X10139, WR30X27952, WR30X28705, WR30X29421, WR30X10043, WR30X10139, WR29X191, WR29X5110, WR29X5114, WR29X5115, WR29X5119, WR29X5121, WR29X5126, WR29X5127, WR29X5144, WR29X5167, WR29X5177, WR29X5183, WR29X5189, WR29X5190, WR30X138, WR30X147, WR30X159, WR30X169, WR30X199, WR30X203, WR30X213, WR30X214, WR30X238, WR30X241, WR30X259, WR30X282, WR30X282R, WR30X283, WR30X28697, WR30X28699, WR30X28700, WR30X28704, WR30X28705, WR30X28734, WR30X289, WR30X290, WR30X29421, WR30X304, WR30X304R, WR30X306, WR30X307, WR30X30918, WR30X315, WR30X318, WR30X327, WR30X328, WR30X329, JS2, MSE1, SWR29X5110, SWR29X5114, SWR29X5115, SWR29X5119, SWR29X5121, SWR29X5126, SWR29X5127, SWR29X5128, B003BIGDJ0, RIM10093, 162D3868G010, 197D7636G006, 200D1181G011, 1399596, AH1993870, AP4345120, EA1993870, EAP1993870, PD00000998, PS1993870, WR30X30972, WR30X28702, WR29X5128, WR29X5178, WR30M149, WR30M153, WR30X30719, WR30X30919, 5304406551, 162D3868G010, 245D2613P002, 4930938, AP6891612, EAP12727331, PD00051943, PS12727331.


  • Creates ice cubes to be stored in the ice bin.
  • Ice maker assembly designed to replace multiple ice maker styles.
  • Hardwired harness connection.
  • Includes (1) 7-Cube Ice Maker with Shut-Off Arm, (3) Fill Cup Variations, (2) Harness Variations, (1) Fill tube, Instructions.


  • Color: White / Black / Gray.
  • Material: Plastic / Metal.
  • Finish: Satin.
  • Dimensions: 10-1/8"L x 5-3/8"W x 5-1/4"H.
  • Additional Dimensions: Wire harness with round style plug measures 14"L. Other wire harness measures 14 1/4"L.

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  • Ice maker

    Posted by John Stover on 24th Aug 2022

    Worked great perfect fit.

  • Ice maker

    Posted by Marsha Brightman on 19th Oct 2021

    Please with prompt delivery and the product is working

  • Dead icemaker

    Posted by David Shoup on 27th Sep 2021

    No issues

  • Ice Machine

    Posted by Penny Veach on 5th Aug 2021

    Works like new!

  • WR30x10093

    Posted by Richard Martin on 6th Nov 2020

    Installation of replacement ice maker was trouble free due to reasonably clear instructions. Replacement part is now making ice.

  • Refrigerator ice maker

    Posted by william c howell on 5th Aug 2020

    works great, easy to install, well satisfied.

  • WR30X10093 Ice maker

    Posted by Chuck Youse on 23rd Jun 2020

    Arrive item quickly and was easy to install. Works perfectly. Price was best by far of any on the internet. Kudos to SPEEDY Appliance

  • GE Ice Maker Works Great!!!

    Posted by Ray Amaya on 17th Jun 2019

    I ordered an ice maker and received a newer/replacement model. I had to modify/remove one flange to make it fit in my fridge. Once installed, it kicked in and began making ice. Works Great!!!

  • Photos

    Posted by Frank ayers on 29th Apr 2019

    Having so many photos of the product gave me confidence that it was the correct replacement part