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  • Frigidaire 5303918344 Refrigerator Ice Maker Replacement

Frigidaire 5303918344 Refrigerator Ice Maker Replacement

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Product Description

Replacement ice maker assembly used on some Electrolux, Frigidaire, and Kenmore refrigerator models.

Directly Replaces: 5303918344, AP4299334, 1260019, 240599901, 241627701, 241680601, 241696501, 241709801, 5304436617, 7241709801, AH1992700, EA1992700, PS1992700, B005BA4RNK.


  • Please confirm diagnosis before purchasing, as we cannot accept returns for remanufactured items.
    Remanufactured 8-cube ice maker assembly.
  • Includes ice maker, power cord, fill cup and bail arm.

Per the manufacturer, if you experience issues with the new ice maker's bail arm hitting the shelf, you will also need to replace the shelf with part # 241691701.

APN5303918344 Compatible Models:
Where can I find my model number?
Electrolux E23CS75DSS0
Electrolux E23CS75DSS1
Electrolux E23CS75DSS4
Electrolux E23CS75DSS5
Electrolux E23CS75DSS6
Electrolux E23CS75DSS7
Electrolux E23CS75DSS8
Electrolux E23CS75DSS9
Electrolux E23CS75DSSA
Electrolux E23CS75DSSC
Electrolux E23CS75DSSE
Electrolux E23CS75DSSF
Electrolux E23CS75DSSG
Electrolux E23CS75DSSH
Electrolux E23CS78DSS0
Electrolux E23CS78DSS1
Electrolux E23CS78DSS3
Electrolux E23CS78EPS0
Electrolux E23CS78EPS1
Electrolux E23CS78EPS2
Electrolux E23CS78EPS3
Electrolux E23CS78EPS4
Electrolux E23CS78ESS0
Electrolux E23CS78ESS1
Electrolux E23CS78ESS2
Electrolux E23CS78GPS0
Electrolux E23CS78GPS1
Electrolux E23CS78GPS2
Electrolux E23CS78GPS3
Electrolux E23CS78GPS4
Electrolux E23CS78GSS1
Electrolux E23CS78GSS2
Electrolux E23CS78GSS3
Electrolux E23CS78GSS4
Electrolux E23CS78HPS0
Electrolux E23CS78HPS1
Electrolux E23CS78HPS2
Electrolux E23CS78HPS3
Electrolux E23CS78HPS5
Electrolux E23CS78HPS6
Electrolux E23CS78HPS7
Electrolux E23CS78HSS0
Electrolux E23CS78HSS1
Electrolux E23CS78HSS2
Electrolux E23CS78HSS3
Electrolux E23CS78HSS4
Electrolux E23CS78HSS5
Electrolux EI23CS35KB0
Electrolux EI23CS35KB1
Electrolux EI23CS35KB2
Electrolux EI23CS35KS0
Electrolux EI23CS35KS1
Electrolux EI23CS35KS2
Electrolux EI23CS35KS3A
Electrolux EI23CS35KW0
Electrolux EI23CS35KW1
Electrolux EI23CS35KW2
Electrolux EI23CS55GB0
Electrolux EI23CS55GB1
Electrolux EI23CS55GB2
Electrolux EI23CS55GB3
Electrolux EI23CS55GB4
Electrolux EI23CS55GB5
Electrolux EI23CS55GB6
Electrolux EI23CS55GB7
Electrolux EI23CS55GB8
Electrolux EI23CS55GS0
Electrolux EI23CS55GS1
Electrolux EI23CS55GS2
Electrolux EI23CS55GS3
Electrolux EI23CS55GS4
Electrolux EI23CS55GS5
Electrolux EI23CS55GS6
Electrolux EI23CS55GS7
Electrolux EI23CS55GS8
Electrolux EI23CS55GS9
Electrolux EI23CS55GW0
Electrolux EI23CS55GW1
Electrolux EI23CS55GW2
Electrolux EI23CS55GW3
Electrolux EI23CS55GW4
Electrolux EI23CS55GW5
Electrolux EI23CS55GW6
Electrolux EI23CS55GW7
Electrolux EI23CS55GW8
Electrolux EI23CS65KS0
Electrolux EI23CS65KS1
Electrolux EI23CS65KS2
Electrolux EI23SS55HB0
Electrolux EI23SS55HB1
Electrolux EI23SS55HS0
Electrolux EI23SS55HS1
Electrolux EI23SS55HW0
Electrolux EI23SS55HW1
Electrolux EI26SS30JB0
Electrolux EI26SS30JB1
Electrolux EI26SS30JS0
Electrolux EI26SS30JS1
Electrolux EI26SS30JS3
Electrolux EI26SS30JS4
Electrolux EI26SS30JS5
Electrolux EI26SS30JS6A
Electrolux EI26SS30JW0
Electrolux EI26SS30JW1
Electrolux EI26SS35JB0
Electrolux EI26SS35JB1
Electrolux EI26SS35JS0
Electrolux EI26SS35JS1
Electrolux EI26SS35JW0
Electrolux EI26SS35JW1
Electrolux EI26SS55GB0
Electrolux EI26SS55GB1
Electrolux EI26SS55GB2
Electrolux EI26SS55GB3
Electrolux EI26SS55GB4
Electrolux EI26SS55GB5
Electrolux EI26SS55GB6
Electrolux EI26SS55GS0
Electrolux EI26SS55GS1
Electrolux EI26SS55GS2
Electrolux EI26SS55GS3
Electrolux EI26SS55GS4
Electrolux EI26SS55GS5
Electrolux EI26SS55GS6
Electrolux EI26SS55GW0
Electrolux EI26SS55GW1
Electrolux EI26SS55GW2
Electrolux EI26SS55GW3
Electrolux EI26SS55GW4
Electrolux EI26SS55GW5
Electrolux EI26SS55GW6
Electrolux EW23CS65GB0
Electrolux EW23CS65GB1
Electrolux EW23CS65GB2
Electrolux EW23CS65GB3
Electrolux EW23CS65GB4
Electrolux EW23CS65GS0
Electrolux EW23CS65GS2
Electrolux EW23CS65GS3
Electrolux EW23CS65GS4
Electrolux EW23CS65GW0
Electrolux EW23CS65GW1
Electrolux EW23CS65GW2
Electrolux EW23CS65GW3
Electrolux EW23CS65GW4
Electrolux EW23CS70IB0
Electrolux EW23CS70IB1
Electrolux EW23CS70IB2
Electrolux EW23CS70IB3
Electrolux EW23CS70IB4
Electrolux EW23CS70IB5
Electrolux EW23CS70IS0
Electrolux EW23CS70IS1
Electrolux EW23CS70IS2
Electrolux EW23CS70IS3
Electrolux EW23CS70IS4
Electrolux EW23CS70IS5
Electrolux EW23CS70IS7
Electrolux EW23CS70IW0
Electrolux EW23CS70IW1
Electrolux EW23CS70IW2
Electrolux EW23CS70IW3
Electrolux EW23CS70IW4
Electrolux EW23CS70IW5
Electrolux EW23CS75QS0
Electrolux EW23CS85KS0
Electrolux EW23CS85KS1
Electrolux EW23CS85KS2
Electrolux EW23SS65HB0
Electrolux EW23SS65HB1
Electrolux EW23SS65HB2
Electrolux EW23SS65HB3
Electrolux EW23SS65HB4
Electrolux EW23SS65HB5
Electrolux EW23SS65HS0
Electrolux EW23SS65HS1
Electrolux EW23SS65HS2
Electrolux EW23SS65HS3
Electrolux EW23SS65HS4
Electrolux EW23SS65HS5
Electrolux EW23SS65HS6
Electrolux EW23SS65HW0
Electrolux EW23SS65HW1
Electrolux EW23SS65HW2
Electrolux EW23SS65HW3
Electrolux EW23SS65HW4
Electrolux EW23SS65HW5
Electrolux EW26SS65GB0
Electrolux EW26SS65GB1
Electrolux EW26SS65GB2
Electrolux EW26SS65GB3
Electrolux EW26SS65GB4
Electrolux EW26SS65GS0
Electrolux EW26SS65GS1
Electrolux EW26SS65GS2
Electrolux EW26SS65GS3
Electrolux EW26SS65GS4
Electrolux EW26SS65GW0
Electrolux EW26SS65GW1
Electrolux EW26SS65GW2
Electrolux EW26SS65GW3
Electrolux EW26SS65GW4
Electrolux EW26SS70IB0
Electrolux EW26SS70IB1
Electrolux EW26SS70IB2
Electrolux EW26SS70IB3
Electrolux EW26SS70IB4
Electrolux EW26SS70IS0
Electrolux EW26SS70IS1
Electrolux EW26SS70IS2
Electrolux EW26SS70IS3
Electrolux EW26SS70IS4
Electrolux EW26SS70IS6
Electrolux EW26SS70IW0
Electrolux EW26SS70IW1
Electrolux EW26SS70IW2
Electrolux EW26SS70IW3
Electrolux EW26SS70IW4
Electrolux EW26SS75QS0
Electrolux EW26SS85KS0
Electrolux EW26SS85KS1
Electrolux EW26SS85KS3
Frigidaire DFHS2313MFEA
Frigidaire DGHX2355TF0
Frigidaire FFHS2311LWJA
Frigidaire FFHS2311PFAA
Frigidaire FFSC2315LE0
Frigidaire FFSC2315LP0

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