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  • Frigidaire 5303131079 Range Burner Replacement
  • APN5303131079 BACK
  • APN5303131079 BOTTOM
  • APN5303131079 FRONT
  • APN5303131079 TOP

Frigidaire 5303131079 Range Burner Replacement

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Product Description

Replacement Burner used on some Craftsman, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kenmore, Tappan and Westinghouse Stove / Oven / Range models.

Directly Replaces: 5303131079, AP2137014, 08013853, 10577, 3131079, 318176201, 5303311550, 616202, AH454071, AP072031, AP072044, EA454071, P072044, PS454071, Q000301865, Q002500102, Q301865.


  • Rear Burner.
  • Approx. 15 1/2"L x 3 1/2"H.
APN5303131079 Compatible Models:
Where can I find my model number?
Frigidaire TGF605EW2
Frigidaire TGF657BFB9
Frigidaire TGF657BFU5
Frigidaire TGF657BFW9
Frigidaire TGF657BFB6
Frigidaire TGF657BFB7
Frigidaire TGF657BFB8
Frigidaire TGF657BFU2
Frigidaire TGF657BFU3
Frigidaire TGF657BFU4
Frigidaire TGF657BFW6
Frigidaire TGF657BFW7
Frigidaire TGF657BFW8
Frigidaire TGF605EU1
Frigidaire TGF605EW1
Frigidaire 36-3061-00-01
Frigidaire 36-3061-00-02
Frigidaire 36-3281-00-01
Frigidaire 36-3281-00-02
Frigidaire 36-3281-23-01
Frigidaire 36-3690-00-01
Frigidaire 36-3690-00-02
Frigidaire 36-3690-00-03
Frigidaire 36-3690-23-01
Frigidaire 36-3690-23-02
Frigidaire 36-3692-00-01
Frigidaire 36DPMDWEN2
Frigidaire PGF716HXW4
Frigidaire TGF605WFD7
Frigidaire TGF605WFW7
Frigidaire TGF605WFW8
Frigidaire TGF605WFW9
Frigidaire TGF602PGD1
Frigidaire TGF602PGW1
Frigidaire TGF602PGW3
Frigidaire TGF602PGW4
Frigidaire TGF605WFU1
Frigidaire TGF605WFU2
Frigidaire TGF605WFU3
Frigidaire TGF645WFD7
Frigidaire TGF645WFW7
Frigidaire 21KPMAWAN7
Frigidaire 21KPMAWAN7-32
Frigidaire 21KPMAWAN8
Frigidaire 21KPMAWAN8-32
Frigidaire 30-0127-23-03
Frigidaire 30CPMCWBN1
Frigidaire 30CPMCWBN2
Frigidaire 30CPMCWBN3
Frigidaire 30DPCDWGN-23-01
Frigidaire 30DPCDWGN1
Frigidaire 30DPMBWAN6
Frigidaire 30DPMDWEN1
Frigidaire 30DPMDWEN1-23
Frigidaire 30DPMDWEN2
Frigidaire 30DPMDWEN2-23
Frigidaire 30DPMDWGN01-23
Frigidaire 30DPMDWGN1
Frigidaire 30IPCDWAN7
Frigidaire 30KPMAWAN3
Frigidaire 30KPMAWAN4
Frigidaire 30KPMAWAN5
Frigidaire 32-0127-00-02
Frigidaire 32-0127-00-03
Frigidaire 32-0127-23-02
Frigidaire 36-3061-23-01
Frigidaire 36-3690-23-03
Frigidaire 36-3692-23-01
Frigidaire 36-3692-32-01
Frigidaire GF980KXD5
Frigidaire GF980KXW5
Frigidaire 21KGMAWAN5
Frigidaire 21KGMAWAN5-66
Frigidaire 21KGMAWAN6
Frigidaire 21KGMAWAN6-66
Frigidaire 24KGMAWAN6
Frigidaire 24KGMAWAN6-23
Frigidaire G24PCW3
Frigidaire G24PCW4
Frigidaire GF204KXW3
Frigidaire GF504KXW0
Frigidaire GF504KXW3
Frigidaire 30CGMCWBN1
Frigidaire 30CGMCWBN2
Frigidaire 30KGMAWAN3
Frigidaire 30KGMAWAN3-23
Frigidaire 30KGMAWAN4
Frigidaire 30KGMAWAN4-23
Frigidaire CGC4M5WSTD
Frigidaire CGC4M5WSTE
Frigidaire GF470HXD4
Frigidaire GF470HXD5
Frigidaire GF470HXW4
Frigidaire GF470HXW5
Frigidaire GF770HXD3
Frigidaire GF770HXD4
Frigidaire GF770HXD5
Frigidaire GF770HXW3
Frigidaire GF770HXW4
Frigidaire GF770HXW5
Frigidaire GF830HXD6
Frigidaire GF830HXD7
Frigidaire GF830HXW6
Frigidaire GF830HXW7
Frigidaire CGA1M2WSE
Frigidaire CGC3M5WSTA
Frigidaire CGC3M5WSTB
Frigidaire CGC3M5WSTC
Frigidaire GF306KXD0
Frigidaire GF306KXD1
Frigidaire GF306KXW0
Frigidaire GF306KXW1
Frigidaire GF504KXD1
Frigidaire GF600HXD3
Frigidaire GF600HXW3
Frigidaire GF600KXD0
Frigidaire GF600KXD1
Frigidaire 36DPMDWEN2-23
Frigidaire GF504KXD3
Frigidaire GF600HXD4
Frigidaire GF600HXW4
Frigidaire 32-0007-00-02
Frigidaire 32-0007-00-03
Frigidaire 32-0007-00-05
Frigidaire 32-0007-23-02
Frigidaire 32-0007-23-03
Frigidaire 32-0007-23-05
Frigidaire 32-0117-00-02
Frigidaire 32-0117-00-03
Frigidaire 32-0117-23-02
Frigidaire 32-0117-23-03
Frigidaire CGA1M2WSTD
Frigidaire G21PCL4
Frigidaire G21PCL5
Frigidaire G21PCW4

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