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  • Frigidaire 134792700 Dryer Heating Element Replacement
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Frigidaire 134792700 Dryer Heating Element Replacement

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Product Description

Replacement heating element used on some Crosley, Electrolux, Frigidaire, and Kenmore dryer models.

Directly Replaces: 134792700, 1482984, AH2349309, AP4368653, EA2349309, PS2349309, B00E0CWPZ2.


  • Heating element assembly includes a 3 coil element (5500 watt), and housing.
  • Approx. 13.5"L x 5.25" in diameter.
  • Item may appear different than original, but is designed to function the same.

APN134792700 Compatible Models:
Where can I find my model number?
Crosley CDE7700LR0
Crosley CDE7700LW0
Electrolux EIED50LIW0
Electrolux EIED50LIW1
Electrolux EIED55HIW0
Electrolux EIED55HMB0
Electrolux EIED55IKG0
Electrolux EIED55IRR0
Electrolux EIED5CHIW0
Electrolux EIED5CHMB0
Electrolux EIMED55IIW0
Electrolux EIMED55IIW1
Electrolux EIMED55IMB0
Electrolux EIMED55IMB2
Electrolux EIMED55IMB3
Electrolux EIMED55IRR0
Electrolux EIMED55QT0
Electrolux EIMED5CQT0
Electrolux EIMED60JIW0
Electrolux EIMED60JIW2
Electrolux EIMED60JIW3
Electrolux EIMED60JIW4
Electrolux EIMED60JIW5
Electrolux EIMED60JMB0
Electrolux EIMED60JRR0
Electrolux EIMED60LSS0
Electrolux EIMED60LSS2
Electrolux EIMED60LSS3
Electrolux EIMED60LT0
Electrolux EIMED60LT2
Electrolux EIMED60LT3
Electrolux EIMED6CJIW0
Electrolux EIMED6CJIW2
Electrolux EIMED6CJMB0
Electrolux EIMED6CJRR0
Electrolux EIMED6CLSS0
Electrolux EIMED6CLSS2
Electrolux EIMED6CLSS3
Electrolux EIMED6CLT0
Electrolux EIMED6CLT2
Electrolux EIMED6CLT3
Electrolux EWED65HIW0
Electrolux EWED65HSS0
Electrolux EWED65HTS0
Electrolux EWMED65HIW0
Electrolux EWMED65HSS0
Electrolux EWMED65HTS0
Electrolux EWMED65IMB0
Electrolux EWMED65IRR0
Electrolux EWMED6CHIW0
Electrolux EWMED6CHSS0
Electrolux EWMED6CHTS0
Electrolux EWMED6CIRR0
Electrolux EWMED70JIW0
Electrolux EWMED70JIW2
Electrolux EWMED70JMB0
Electrolux EWMED70JRR0
Electrolux EWMED70JSS0
Electrolux EWMED70JSS2
Electrolux EWMED70JTS0
Electrolux EWMED7CJIW0
Electrolux EWMED7CJIW3
Electrolux EWMED7CJMB0
Electrolux EWMED7CJRR0
Electrolux EWMED7CJSS0
Electrolux EWMED7CJSS2
Electrolux EWMED7CJTS0
Frigidaire CAQE7072LA0
Frigidaire CAQE7072LR0
Frigidaire CAQE7072LW0
Frigidaire CASE7073LA0
Frigidaire CASE7073LR0
Frigidaire CASE7073LW0
Frigidaire CASE7074NA0
Frigidaire CASE7074NA2
Frigidaire CASE7074NR0
Frigidaire CASE7074NR2
Frigidaire CASE7074NW0
Frigidaire CASE7074NW2
Frigidaire CFSE5100QA0
Frigidaire FAQE7072LA0
Frigidaire FAQE7072LN0
Frigidaire FAQE7072LR0
Frigidaire FAQE7072LW0
Frigidaire FASE7021NW0
Frigidaire FASE7021NW2
Frigidaire FASE7073LA0
Frigidaire FASE7073LN0
Frigidaire FASE7073LR0
Frigidaire FASE7073LW0
Frigidaire FASE7073NA0
Frigidaire FASE7073NA2
Frigidaire FASE7073NR0
Frigidaire FASE7073NR2
Frigidaire FASE7073NW0
Frigidaire FASE7073NW2
Frigidaire FASE7074LA0
Frigidaire FASE7074LN0
Frigidaire FASE7074LR0
Frigidaire FASE7074LW0
Frigidaire FASE7074NA0
Frigidaire FASE7074NA2
Frigidaire FASE7074NR0
Frigidaire FASE7074NR2
Frigidaire FASE7074NW0
Frigidaire FASE7074NW2
Frigidaire FFSE5115PA0
Frigidaire FFSE5115PW0
Frigidaire FFSE5115PW1
Frigidaire FFSE5115PW2
Frigidaire LAQE7000LW0
Frigidaire LAQE8000LW0
Kenmore 41781100000
Kenmore 41781100002
Kenmore 41781100003
Kenmore 41781101000
Kenmore 41781102000
Kenmore 41781102002
Kenmore 41781102003
Kenmore 41784130000
Kenmore 41784130002
Kenmore 41784131000
Kenmore 41784132000
Kenmore 41784132002

Warranty Information

90 Day Limited Warranty

Product Reviews

  1. Worked great

    Posted by Shelby on 29th Mar 2017

    Did not look like old one but works perfectly. Will refer people I know to this site.

  2. Exact fit

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Sep 2016

    Worked perfectly for failed unit

  3. A perfect match

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Sep 2016

    The item was a perfect match for the replacement of the old one and is working beautifully shipping took a little longer then expected

  4. Works perfectly

    Posted by Monica Hanning on 20th Jun 2016

    Some of the screw holes to the temp guage were too small for my dryer, but that was an easy fix, a smaller screw fit in perfectly. The dryer is now working perfectly and not throwing up the e064 code.

  5. Perfect replacement at a fraction of the big store price

    Posted by rf on 25th Jan 2016

    Quick Shipping. Perfect fit. Speedy Appliance has been great every time I have ordered from them. When you get this part, take a look at the coils inside the tube. There are ceramic spacers in there. Make sure the coils are still on the spacers. I think the vibration in the shipping shakes some of them off, you can just put them back on--it is very simple. I was just afraid they would short out each other. The error code i had was e61 at first then it went to an e64. Replaced this part and all errors went away. Dryer is humming along again. If things change I will note it here.

  6. As advertised

    Posted by BZ on 25th Feb 2015

    Product was as advertised. Really fast shipping/smooth transaction. .No fitment or performance issues. Would buy again.

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