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  • Frigidaire 134144700 Washer Suspension Spring Replacement
  • APN134144700 SIDE
  • APN134144700 TOP

Frigidaire 134144700 Washer Suspension Spring Replacement

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Product Description

Replacement Suspension Spring used on some Crosley, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kenmore and Westinghouse Washer models.

Directly Replaces: 134144700, 131277700, 131663600, 134136300, 936912, AP3212517, AH735645, EA735645, PS735645.


  • Front Drum Suspension Spring.
  • Includes (1) Spring and (2) End Insulators.
  • It is recommended to replace both front springs at the same time for even wear.
APN134144700 Compatible Models:
Where can I find my model number?
Frigidaire CLCG900FW1
Frigidaire CLCE900FW0
Frigidaire CLCE900FW1
Frigidaire CLCE900FW2
Frigidaire CLCG900FW0
Frigidaire CLCG900FW2
Frigidaire CLCG900FW3
Frigidaire GCEH1642DS1
Frigidaire GCEH1642FS0
Frigidaire GCEH1642FS1
Frigidaire GCEH1642FS2
Frigidaire GCEH1642FS3
Frigidaire GCEH1642FS4
Frigidaire GLEH1642DS0
Frigidaire GLEH1642DS1
Frigidaire GLEH1642FS0
Frigidaire GLEH1642FS1
Frigidaire GLEH1642FS2
Frigidaire GLEH1642FS3
Frigidaire GLEH1642FS4
Frigidaire GLGH1642DS0
Frigidaire GLGH1642DS1
Frigidaire GLGH1642FS0
Frigidaire GLGH1642FS1
Frigidaire GLGH1642FS2
Frigidaire 41739012890
Frigidaire 41739012891
Frigidaire 41739022891
Frigidaire 970-C48112-10
Frigidaire BTF1240ES0
Frigidaire BTF1240ES1
Frigidaire BTF1240FS0
Frigidaire BTF1240FS1
Frigidaire CFW2000FW0
Frigidaire CFW2000FW1
Frigidaire CFW2000FW2
Frigidaire FWTB8200DS0
Frigidaire GLTF1570ES0
Frigidaire GLTF1570ES1
Frigidaire GLTF1670AS1
Frigidaire GLTR1670AS1
Frigidaire GMT1670AS0
Frigidaire GSTF1670DS0
Frigidaire GSTR1670DS0
Frigidaire LTF1670DS0
Frigidaire WTR1240AQ0
Frigidaire WTR1240AS0
Frigidaire CTF140ES0
Frigidaire CTF140FS0
Frigidaire CTF140FS1
Frigidaire CTF140FS2
Frigidaire FCCW2000LS0
Frigidaire FCCW3000FS3
Frigidaire FCCW3000FS4
Frigidaire FTF1240FS2
Frigidaire FTF530FS3
Frigidaire FTF530FS4
Frigidaire FCCW3000ES0
Frigidaire FCCW3000FS0
Frigidaire FCCW3000FS1
Frigidaire FCCW3000FS2
Frigidaire FWTBB30DS0
Frigidaire GLTF2070CS0
Frigidaire GLTF2070DS0
Frigidaire GSTF7200DS0
Frigidaire FTF530FS1
Frigidaire FTF530FS2
Frigidaire FTF1240FS0
Frigidaire FTF1240FS1
Frigidaire GTR1040CS0
Frigidaire GLGH1642FS3
Frigidaire GLGH1642FS4
Frigidaire GLGH1642FS5
Frigidaire FTF530ES0
Frigidaire FTF530ES1
Frigidaire FTF530FS0
Frigidaire GLTF530DS0
Frigidaire GTF1040AS0
Frigidaire GTF1040CS0
Frigidaire GLTF530DS1
Frigidaire GTF1040CS1
Frigidaire GTF1040FS1
Frigidaire GTF1040FS2
Frigidaire GTF1040FS3
Frigidaire LTF530DS0
Frigidaire LTF530DS1
Frigidaire LTF530FS0
Frigidaire LTF530FS1
Frigidaire WTF330HS0
Frigidaire WTF330HS1
Frigidaire WTF330HS2
Frigidaire WTR430ES0
Frigidaire LEH1642DS0
Frigidaire GLTF1570FS0
Frigidaire GLTF1570FS1
Frigidaire GLTF1570FS2
Frigidaire GLTF1570FS3
Frigidaire WTR430FS0
Frigidaire WTR430FS1
Frigidaire GLTR1670FS0
Frigidaire WTR430ES1
Frigidaire GLTR1670FS1
Whirlpool GLTF1670AS0
Whirlpool FWT445GES2
Whirlpool FWT449GFS1
Whirlpool GLTF1040AS0
Whirlpool FWT647GHS0
Whirlpool GLTR1670AS0
Whirlpool FWT449GFS2
Whirlpool FWT645RHS0
Whirlpool FWT445GES1
Whirlpool FTF530FS0
Whirlpool GLEH1642FS0
Whirlpool 41739012890
Whirlpool FWT449GFS0
Whirlpool FWT445GES0
Whirlpool GLEH1642DS0
Whirlpool GLTF2070DS0
Whirlpool CRTF1240AS0
Whirlpool FCCW3000FS0
Whirlpool LTF1670DS0
Whirlpool GLEH1642DS1
Whirlpool LTF530FS0
Whirlpool GLTF530DS0
Whirlpool GSTR1670AS0
Whirlpool GWT445RFS2
Whirlpool 41739012891
Whirlpool FWT647GHS1
Whirlpool GWT445RGS0
Whirlpool LTF530DS0
Whirlpool LEH1642DS0
Whirlpool GSTF1670AS0
Whirlpool FWTR445RFS1
Whirlpool FTF530ES1
Whirlpool GWT445RGS1
Whirlpool FWTR647GHS0
Whirlpool FWT645RHS1
Whirlpool GLTF1670AS1
Whirlpool 41739022890
Whirlpool CRTR9300AS0
Whirlpool FTF530ES0
Whirlpool FWT867GHS0
Whirlpool FWTB69RGS0
Whirlpool GWT645RHS0
Whirlpool FCCW3000ES0
Whirlpool GWT445RGS2
Whirlpool FWTBB30DS0
Whirlpool GLGH1642DS0
Whirlpool GLTF1240AS0
Whirlpool GWT445RFS0
Whirlpool FWTR445RFS2
Whirlpool GLGH1642DS1
Whirlpool FWT425RHS0
Frigidaire GTR1040AS0
Whirlpool GWT445RFS1
Whirlpool LTF530DS1
Whirlpool FWTB59RGS0
Whirlpool FWTR445RFS0
Whirlpool GLTR1670AS1
Whirlpool FWTB8200DS0
Whirlpool CFW2000FW0
Whirlpool FWTR425RHS0
Whirlpool GLTF2070CS0
Whirlpool 41739022891
Whirlpool FWT445GCS0
Whirlpool FWTR645RHS1
Whirlpool FWTR647GHS1
Whirlpool BTF1240ES0
Whirlpool CTF140ES0
Whirlpool FWTR867GHQ0
Whirlpool FWTR867GHS0
Whirlpool GLGH1642FS0
Whirlpool GMT1670AS0
Whirlpool GSTR1670DS0
Frigidaire GWTR645RHS0
Whirlpool LFW201EW0
Whirlpool NGSTR127AS0
Whirlpool 38712
Whirlpool 38802
Whirlpool BTF1240ES1
Whirlpool BTF1240FS0
Whirlpool CLCG900FW0
Whirlpool CTF140FS0
Whirlpool CTF140FS1
Whirlpool CTF140FS2
Whirlpool FCCW2000LS0
Whirlpool FCCW3000FS1
Whirlpool FCCW3000FS2
Whirlpool FCCW3000FS3
Whirlpool FCCW3000FS4
Whirlpool FTF1040AS0
Whirlpool FTF1240FS0
Whirlpool FTF1240FS1
Whirlpool FTF1240FS2
Whirlpool FTF530FS1
Whirlpool FTF530FS2
Whirlpool FTF530FS3
Whirlpool FTF530FS4
Whirlpool FTF630AS0
Whirlpool FTR630AS0
Whirlpool FWT445GC
Whirlpool FWT445GE
Whirlpool FWT648GHS0
Whirlpool FWT867GHQ0
Whirlpool FWTR549GG
Whirlpool FWTR549GGS0
Whirlpool FWTR549GS0
Whirlpool FWTR645RHS0
Whirlpool FWTR865RHQ0
Whirlpool FWTR865RHS0
Whirlpool GCEH1642DS1
Whirlpool GCEH1642FS0
Whirlpool GCEH1642FS1
Whirlpool GCEH1642FS2
Whirlpool GCEH1642FS3
Whirlpool GCEH1642FS4
Whirlpool GLEH1642FS1
Whirlpool GLEH1642FS2
Whirlpool GLEH1642FS3
Whirlpool GLEH1642FS4
Whirlpool GLGH1642FS1
Whirlpool GLGH1642FS2
Whirlpool GLGH1642FS3
Whirlpool GLGH1642FS4
Whirlpool GLGH1642FS5
Whirlpool GLTF1570ES0
Whirlpool GLTF1570ES1
Whirlpool GLTF1570FS0
Whirlpool GLTF1570FS1
Whirlpool GLTF1570FS2
Whirlpool GLTF1570FS3
Whirlpool GLTF530DS1
Whirlpool GLTR1670FS0
Whirlpool GLTR1670FS1
Whirlpool GSTF1670DS0
Whirlpool GSTF7200DS0
Frigidaire GTF1040FS0
Frigidaire LGH1642DS0
Whirlpool LTF530FS1
Whirlpool NGST127AQ0
Whirlpool NGST127AS0
Frigidaire 41742042100
Frigidaire 41743142200
Frigidaire 41742142100
Frigidaire 41741042000
Frigidaire 41743042200
Frigidaire 41741142000
Frigidaire 41742052100
Frigidaire 41729042991
Frigidaire 41740052990
Frigidaire 41740042990
Frigidaire 41729042992
Frigidaire 41729042990
Frigidaire 41740142000
Frigidaire 41743052200
Frigidaire 41741052000
Frigidaire 41729022890
Frigidaire 41729052990
Frigidaire 41729052991
Frigidaire 41740032990
Frigidaire 41724182300
Frigidaire 41724182301
Frigidaire 41727182700
Frigidaire 41727182701
Frigidaire 41727182702
Frigidaire 41727182703
Frigidaire 41727182704
Frigidaire 41740412700
Frigidaire 41740412701
Frigidaire 41740412702
Frigidaire 41740412703
Frigidaire 41743042300
Frigidaire 41743142300
Frigidaire 41744042400
Frigidaire 41744072300
Frigidaire 41744102300
Frigidaire 41744102301
Frigidaire 41744142400
Frigidaire 41747102700
Frigidaire 41747102701
Frigidaire 970-C40032-00
Frigidaire 970-C40042-00
Frigidaire 970-C40052-00
Frigidaire 9703871220
Frigidaire 9703880220
Whirlpool 970-C48112-10
Whirlpool WTR430FS1

Warranty Information

1 Year Limited Warranty

Product Reviews

  1. Kenmore Front Load Washer Model 417.44142400

    Posted by DV on 21st Jan 2018

    It's relatively easy to replace these springs, but it's good to have a helper. My wife and I laid the washer down its side to alleviate pressure for easier removal of old springs and installation of new ones. If you opt to do it this way, you'll need to be careful to not allow the heavy internal tub to smash and potentially damage anything vital (e.g., electrical control box in corner on opposite side of wall behind wash selector knob). Removal of top spring hook was accomplished by simply pulling on the spring and positioning it so that the hook would easily come through the top hole when the tub was pushed on, the lower hook then removed from the tub. Installation of the tighter, newer spring was done by first attaching the bottom hook to the tub, then using a straightened, standard thin metal coat hanger bent in the middle and placed beneath the underside of the top spring hook to pull it through the top hole, the coat hanger then removed, the hook positioned appropriately, and the tub pushed on to secure the hook. (The same could be accomplished using, for example, parachute cord. Whatever works and is handy.) NOTE: Don't bother ordering new springs without first checking to see if the shocks supporting the tub from below also need replacing. If the shocks are worn, damaged or broken, installing new springs won't solve the problem of the tub slamming against the front/back of the machine during spin cycle. Replacing shocks on our machine was more of a hassle than replacing the suspension springs, but we saved money by doing it ourselves.

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